AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch/17.3-Inch Laptop/Tablet Bag Reviews

If you love traveling with your Laptop or Tablet, then I believe you know how hard it is if you don’t have the right bag to your machine and other accessories, and a reason you would want to own the [[[AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch or 17.3-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag]]]. Yes, and depending on how short or longer the distance is you plan to travel is, having the nice bag which is safer and enough for whatever you are traveling with .

Sold by AmazonBasics, I have personally found this bag very helpful since it helps one carry everything for example the Wireless Mouse, the charger, the power hub and any other one would want. If you own a 15.6-Inch or 17.3-Inch, I just think that will be like me the moment you get to discover other specifications of this product.

Main Features of this item

– Its idea for carrying those laptops and tablets which fall in the 15.6-Inch or 17.3-Inch dimensions
– Has additional storage for keeping your other accessories like portable mouse, cell phone or pens
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Additional product details

– Size: 15.6-Inch/17.3-Inch
– Color: Black
– Model: NC1305224R1
– Is in dimensions of 12.00″ hx2.80″ wx15.50″ l, 1.01 pounds

What Others say about the [[[AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch or 17.3-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag]]]

This product is amazing and has been reviewed more than 3920+ times with many of the customers being satisfied for example;

Customer said… Since I bought my netbook, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect small case to tote it in.
Another one said… Going on three years and I am still using this bag for now my iPad 3G. No rips or tears
Another… For the price this is a great laptop bag.

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On the other hand, there too seem to be some few negative reviews like this one below although they may not be enough to conclude the exact on the bad.

The zipper, which runs only across the top and down each side about 2″, is robust-looking – it isn’t one of those “narrow gauge” flimsy looking zippers

Conclusion : All I can say is that this product is awesome and one which any laptop, notebook or tablet owner in the dimensional range should try out.

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