BIMA Medi Cash Uganda – Free Money Everytime You Get Admitted For Illness Or Accident In Any Hospital

BIMA_Medi_Cash_Uganda BIMA Medi Cash Uganda is a service provider which will give you free money every time you are admitted in hospital or clinic or any other health facility as a result of sickness or in cases of an accident. I have reviewed this service so as to share with how it works, how to get started with them, what you expect, how the benefits are calculated, who qualifies, how to join, who benefits, how long it take to get paid and very many questions you may be having.

BIMA is a brand name of Milvik Uganda limited, a fully registered company incorporated in the same republic. With subscriptions of either the Silver or Gold plan, anyone is able to receive this free money in-terms of health insurance and payments in case of being admitted in hospital for illness, sickness or even accident as its one way to qualify.

How to get started – become a BIMA Medi Cash Uganda member?

In order to become a member, you must be registered and subscribed to any of the memberships you will discover below. This means that you qualify to get free money aka low cost insurance once you fall in the allowed category of those who should receive such benefits.

How to register and subscribe to BIMA low cost insurance plans?

Now this is something you should read carefully. This is not a something to do with Mobile money and please stay noted. In oder to register, you should do it with any of the BIMA sales representatives. You can access them at your premises since they have foot “soldiers” doing it. Or you can simply call their customer service numbers and inquire where to find them. Once you register, you will be given membership card and too get an SMS text notification about the same.

What are Tier types available – membership plans?

Currently, they are only two of them and they include, the following below. Please note that each plan has its own benefits and how long it lasts once you get subscribed to it. The benefits attached too differ.

Silver plan – This goes for UGX 10,000 valid for 6 months and UGX 18,000 valid for 12 months.

Gold plan – This goes for UGX 15,000 valid for 6 months and UGX 88,000 valid for 12 months.

What are different benefits associated with each plan (Tier)?

Like I wrote above, each membership plan has different benefits associated and they include the following below on both the Silver and Gold memberships. Rewards are calculated in terms of nights.

Silver plan benefits – You get up to UGX 10,000 free money per night you spend at the hospital.

Gold plan benefits – You get up to UGX 20,000 free money per night you spend at the hospital.

Who qualifies to claim the free money?

In order to qualify to get the free money, you need to be in line with the minimum set requirements and which vary from plan to plan. For Silver, the minimum number of days which qualify you are supposed to be 2 days while the maximum are 30 days representing UGX 300,000. For Gold, the minimum are still 2 days while the maximum are 60 days representing UGX 600,000. The number of days are the days you are supposed to be admitted in the hospital before you can claim.

How to claim the benefits

In order to claim, you need to submit all required documents including the original a completed and filled claims form, an original hospital receipt or bill payment indicating all costs paid, a medical report or certificate containing the treatment type, reason for admittance, the health facility name, the doctors name and signature. You should submit them to the office for the process to commence.

When do you submit claims and how long does it take to get the free money?

A claim must be submitted within 60 days from the time you were discharged. The claim processing time is usually 3 days from the time when you submitted the required documents.

Who is Eligible to join?

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For as long as you are aged between 18 and 60 years of age, you are able to join and benefit from the low cost health insurance.

What makes the claim excluded?

You claim will be excluded if, it falls under any if the following below.

– Admitted due to intoxicants, drugs or insanity.
– Self exposure to injury and others related.
– Riots like the Political riots in Kampala (demos).
– Deformities you had at birth
– Pregnancy and related
– Fraud activities.
– Claim arising when outside Uganda

Now that you seen the full detailed review, how about the different contacts? Their website is, and their phone numbers are 0771008688 and 0701008688. Their location is Park royal mall behind Watoto Church Kampala Uganda.

Update – BIMA trusted micro-insurance is now in partnership with Airtel Money. Get life and hospital insurance from only 10,000/= Call 0700819004 A for more details.

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  1. twalaba sam says:

    am twalaba sam but the services are domant because for i claim since october and when i you people not valued

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks twalaba sam for the comment and sorry for what is happened to you. My advise would be you to go back to the offices where you claimed from and check your status.

  2. coll says:

    the infor you have here is diffrent from that of your fliers and the one your representatives are selling, please be updated cause this can look like fraud

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks coll for the comment. Please note that the above was quoted at the time of this post. Check post date to confirm. You are too free to share the changes you have seen using the comment form so that others can know whats new or updated. Read our disclaimers page for details.

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