Reviews! Scam or Legit?

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How to earn free Bitcoin on coinheapsThis reviews introduces to you Coinheaps, the site which “claims” to have made earning free bitcoins online a simple task to do for everyone. If you have been wondering whether is a legitimate site worth to spend your time on or simply another scam site I wouldn’t recommend you waste your time, then this reviews has it all.

In below, you will discover more than a thing about Coinheaps, how it all works, ways to earn free bitcoin, how to play games, how to do captcha mining and all others including how to withdraw your earnings. Best of all, you will be in position to find out the exact on whether the site is legitimate and worth to try or just scam.

What is

This is a site which allows you to earn bitcoins in the easiest ways you will ever find on the internet. On the site, you are allowed to participate in free hourly bitcoins to claim, playing games and also solving captcha mining which makes your extra incoming earning a whole new hassle free and easy process.

Ways to Earn on CoinHeaps

earning ways on coinheaps

Once you become a member, you can earn free bitcoin on the site by involving yourself in these simple ways below. They include but not limited to;

  • Hourly income
  • Referral commission
  • Playing games
  • Solving Captcha mining
  • Leaderboard rewards

In order to qualify for hourly income, all one needs is to visit the site at least once every hour and see the money coming in. This is very easy and is no strings attached.

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If you are good at referring, you get bonus Satoshisin addition to earning up to 15% lifetime referral commission on your referrals earnings. I am sure you can see how simple it is to even get rich on the site.

If you are a game lover, Coinheaps allows you to play games while earning. You can play games with your friends and family but most of all earning. This makes you get rid of the free games which will take your time for nothing.

If you are good at Captcha, then there is an offer for you. You can start mining by solving their captcha mining feature daily and get points which you will be able to exchange it into CASH in the CoinHeaps Market. This is aweseome.

CoinHeaps supported Payment forms

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Palawan Express (Philippines)

When it comes to payments, that is where the problem comes in since most sites will only offer a few options thus making many members unable to withdraw their payments which makes the sites scam. For Coin heaps, they have more than 3 payment options currently and they include what you saw above. You are able to choose your preferred option and cash in your monies.

Is scam or legit?

As far as I know (by the time of this post), the site is legit and worth to join. Yes, members have been paid and lots of screenshots have been posted. I will post my screenshot soon here. Join Coin Heaps now and enjoy the benefits. Reviews! Scam or Legit?

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