CoinPop Reviews! Scam or Legit?

Is coin pop scam or legitThis is a personal review of CoinPop, the downloadable application which “claims” to rewards members in cash for downloading and playing new games on their Android smartphone. If you have been hearing of this app and wondering whether its legit and worth to try or simply one additional scam app you would want to spent your valuable time on, then read this review.

The entire how it works of CoinPop is very simple and easy. It requires you to download and install the app on your device, download and install one of their games, play and play while increasing your chances of unlocking great achievements. If you a fan of games, trust me you will love this application and you will play as you earn which is worth.

Once you have the app installed, you are given a list of games recommended for you to try in order to get rewards. When you play, you get coin rewards basing on the time you spend playing the suggested games. Earned coins can then be exchanged into real cash during cashout in form of PayPal or even gift cards.

Why you should use CoinPop?

Let me be honest on this. CoinPop is one of the less available apps you will ever find. First time members are rewarded a bonus of a good number of coins which is unlikely to be found on any other site. Also, there is a very low [PayPal minimum when cashing out, which is only $0.50 in addition to earning up to 25% referral commission.

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Is CoinPop scam or legit?

Oh yeah, this is what many look for when reading reviews. If you simply scrolled and jumped here, you may have missed something up their which would have been useful to you. But let me tell this, I am still testing this app since its just a few days after downloading it.

Hopeful when I cashout which I am soon to, I will be able to share with you f CoinPop is legit or just scam. In the meantime, you can download the app from Google Play store and enjoy as you wait for my final verdict. Best, its free to download.

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