Coronavirus! How Scammers Are Targeting The Public

As always known, Scammers and fraudsters will never fail to take advantage of others cries. As the world continues to suffer the impacts of Covid-19, for them seem to have found a sure way to target people of different ages including the vulnerable ones , where many have already fallen victims.

Right from “claiming” to offer real “cure” to offering free protective alternatives including hand sanitizers, mouth and face masks including other endless promises, scammers are already enjoying the rewards out of their “dirty” work.

And if you haven’t been targeted yet, lucky you are since many have already fallen as victims. Be yourself or your loved ones, it is very important for you to be on alert in order to avoid falling a victim.

“I wanted to bring it to your attention that there are many fake fraudulent phishing emails and websites circling using the Coronavirus outbreak as bait to lure vulnerable people into scams.

The overwhelming amount of news coverage has led to cybercriminals taking advantage and creating malware exploiting the virus.

Please be extremely careful what emails and websites you use to access important information, as some of these sites are made to look like official publications by governments and other responsible agencies, when in real sense they aren’t”.

If you are reading this, lucky you are since in below you will too discover some tips on how you can stay protected from the ongoing scam.

Ways to protect yourself from Coronovirus scams

  • Install a security app on your mobile or computer for example TotalAV’s, which has an built-in internet security.
  • Don’t open or click on email links contained in any related email messages if you don’t trust the sender.
  • Make thorough research using engines like Google, Bing, etc about “claimed” offers being falling for them as that helps to confirm validity of the offers.
  • Don’t respond to any related text message you recieve.

Doing the above, and many other recommended ways will help you stay free from fraudster acts. Additionally, make sure you follow the set rules and recommendations to avoid the killer Covid-19 virus.

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