Does Wearing Face Masks For Coronavirus Secure You 100%?

Face Masks For Coronavirus
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As Ugandans warm up to get back to work within the next few days to come, on condition to; wearing face masks for coronavirus, a lot of concerns are being raised. One popular question which many are asking is on whether, the wearing of face masks will secure one 100% or prevent those already infected from infecting others.

According to WHO’s coronavirus advise page, one of the precautions says that, “If you need to leave your house, wear a mask to avoid infecting others”. However, this doesn’t mean that it practcing it alone would save you.

Since Covid 19 can easily infect you from touching the soft facial parts of the body including the eyes, and which are left out by the face masks, then one need to ensure that extra precautions are well exercised. Right from properly wearing face masks, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth, avoiding crowded places like markets, staying at home if you can, maintaining 4 meter distance aka social distancing, cleaning surfaces like tables, doors, etc and regulary washing hands using hand sanitizers must be adopted.

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While wearing face masks for coronavirus may not secure you 100% from contracting the bacteria, at least one is guaranteed of preventing the spread to a large extent. Whether speaking, sneezing, caughing or breathing, putting on any of the recommended masks according to CDC will prevent the spread.

As the Ugandan government continues to loosen covid 19 restrictions, it is vefry important to note that more cases are continuing to be found as more samples are being tested accoring to MOH stats. As a responsible citizen, staying vigilant is one way to help one another for example, by reporting those suspected so they can be tested.

If you want to be a live and witness the world overcoming the pandemic, the only way is to follow the health recommendations including wearing face masks and also staying update of what is happening around the world on the same.

Written by KWS Adams

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