Halotel H8501 Smartphone Reviews – Features & Pricing

Halotel H8501 Halotel H8501 is an Android smartphone from Halotel Tanzania. I have reviewed its features, pricing, specifications and everything else you need to know. If you are in Tanzania, and or from any neighborhood countries like Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and etc, this H8501 is a mobile device you might want to try out. I have tried it myself, and I am reviewing its how it works, features and other specifications compared to the pricing just for you. And yes, when you finally get to know some o its features, you will be able to make a choice.

Personally, I am a fun of smartphone devices, and especially the ones with Android operating system. Wanna know I prefer Android? My answer is simple. Android devices are easy and user friendly. You get access to a range of free, newer and old applications including their APK files and which isnt the case with other OS’, at least on my side. And to add on, this Halotel device is among my favorites.

Halotel H8501 features and pricing

If you know Android device features, you shouldn’t be asking more about the same. This H8501 smartphone has it all with the latest Android Version, CPU, phone and SD card memory, good RAM and best of all with a high screen. You will be able to enjoy good music, watch TV using the inbuilt TV application and much more.

You can download and install all of your favorite applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and lots of others. You can use your Gmail, Google account, Google play and much more with this Halotel device. This same devices makes contact synchronization much easier which saves you the hassles of worrying of lost contacts.

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Hey, I have just shared a few of the applications. If you try out, you will get to know much more you will enjoy with this device. In order to set up its internet, just go to APN and add new, enter internet under apn and anything under name. Save and you are done. Enjoy the best 3G+ internet speed just with your own device. Over to you.


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  1. slot yake ya kwanza ni kwa ajili ya Halotel tu na ndo ina support 3g na gsm ile ya pili ni gsm tu

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  2. Halotel h8501 kwanini kwenye internet haisupport lain tofauti na halotel wakati kwenye kuwasha data zote zina appear.nahitaji kujua

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  3. Let me know the price of H8501 am in TANZANIA.

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  4. My H8501 break screan and it’s touch so where can I get another one to repair ma phone plzz

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  5. Nina simu H8501 kioo kimepasuka naitaji kioo kingine msaada tafadhari

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    1. Thanks for the comment Noel Diu, I would suggest you visit Holatel customer service with your simu H8501 and see how you will be helped.

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    2. Sor noel iv izo halotel H8501 znauzwa sh. ngap?

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  6. Nawezaje ku unlock sim ili niweze kutumia lain tofaut na halotel sim1

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