How To Hard Reset MBO Mate 8 Android Mobile

MBO Mate 8 Android This tutorial is on how to hard reset MBO Android mobile phones including Mate 8 and all other versions. If you own one and for any reason below you have decided to perform a soft or hard reset, trust me you are reading the right article.

MBO Mate 8 is a MediaTek android smartphone with BB Chip MT6572. It is one of the consumer friendly mobile phones when it comes to how much one pays for a new one from the phone shop. And just like many other android MTK smart phones, the MBO Mate 8 phone sometimes develops complications, and where some can call for a hard reset.

Issues like apps not responding, has stopped, forgotten unlock passwords, pin , pattern, google account and etc can cause one seek a reset option since that is one of the known ways which can help the mobile to work again as it takes it back to the same state just like it was first used for the very first time. Lets look at how to perform an MBO Mate 8 reset.

MBO Mate 8 soft reset (system factory settings)

– Turn on your mobile
– Tap Apps and then settings
– Tap back up and reset
– Input your current lock
– Tap delete everything
– Wait for process to complete until phone reboots

MBO Mate 8 Android Mobile

MBO Mate 8 hard reset (using keys combination

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– Completely urn off your phone
– Press and hold volume up and power keys
– Release power key once phone lights or vibrates
– Press power key once and system recovery will show up.
– Using volume down key, navigate and select “Wipe data / Factory reset“.
– Press volume up or power key once to select confirmation of choice.
– Using volume down key, navigate and select “YES — delete all user data“.
– Press volume up key once and wait for operation.

Once formatting has been done, highlight reboot now, press the volume up key once and wait for phone to start up. Once done, you will have a fresh new mobile just like it was when you first unpacked it from its box for the first time.

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