4 Ways To Earn Online During Covid 19 Lockdown

Earn onlineIf you are stranded and reading this and want to earn online? No lucky you are. In this post, I am sharing with you a list of 4 proven ways you can try and make some good money during this Covid 19 Lockdown.

It should be noted that staying at home is what most governments in the different countries adopted as a way of controlling the spread of the coronavirus. And for this, many of us including you and me ended up forcefully having to stay home thus not being able to do our daily work.

While work at home isn’t something new to many, majority of people out there have never tried it at all. Despite the availability of the different work at home online jobs, many consider this as not real work inspite of owning what it requires to g to started.

Personally, I am soon clicking $500 in the past 14 days just for working online full-time. In fact, I have just discovered that the more time I spend on my smartphone and or computer, the more I earn.

If you are ready to turn that time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites to productive, trust me you will make it.

Below are my 4 trusted ways you can also use and make money.

Note: This is a list. For details, I will update this post on how you can do each of the below mentioned make money ways in details so you can get to learn more. In the meantime, I advise you to search the same keywords for more on your search engine choice.

– Blogging: This is very simple. Buy a domain name, link it to free hosting, install WordPress and start adding content. The more quality you post, the higher your traffic and earnings. Tip – Health related articles are booming in these Covid 19 days.

– Sell online: Selling is very simple. I have sold more than 200 pieces of sanitizers and face masks in 17 days. Each of my sales yield some good revenue and am happy. The best thing is that I sell online and on my very website.

– Affiliate Marketing: With thousands of people search for the best hand sanitizers and nose-mouth face masks, how about easing their hunt and directing them. You will be earning commission like I am doing, which will allow you survive more with money.

– Do Deliveries: Let me be honest. As a delivery boy or girl, you will be earning more. Let clients order you and have what they want delivered by you. With many people locked at home, you have chances of earning more.

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