How To Apply For e-Passport In Uganda Online

Last Updated on August 15, 2022 by KWS Adams
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You can apply for an e-passport in Uganda by following the new online application process. The new process allows the applicant to fill in the entire form right from entering the personal information, that of the recommender and that of the bank. At the end of it all, a print form is generated in PDF format for printing and submitting to the internal affairs ministry.

In order to get started with the e-Passport application, one is required to either have a smartphone, or a computer with internet access, having the personal national identity card at hand, information of the ID of the recommender, that of his or her parents, and the next of skin. Such information is mandatory since it is required during the filling of the passport application forms.

Also, understanding the type of passport one is applying for, for example diplomatic, ordinary, express, etc is a must. This is needed since it eases the entire process since one will be in a position to fill in all details as required. Different types of this official travel document have different prices, for example, an ordinary is charged at 250,000/= while for an express, an additional 100,000/= shillings must be added. Don’t forget to check if you can make money from easytypingjob.

Once one is ready, the next thing is to get started after which upon successfully undergoing all required steps means being issued with the new East African passport. Follow the below instructions to apply.

How to acquire a new passport in Uganda

  • Visit
  • Click “start new application”
  • Check box to “accept terms”
  • Fill in all required information while clicking “save and continue”
  • Select the “bank where you will pay”
  • Preview your “application details”
  • Save the PDF file and print

Once you are done with making your payment at the respective bank of choice, you can go back to the same website and schedule an appointment. You will also be required to print the appointment form and also attach relevant documents as you indicated them.

Ready passport applications forms can be submitted at the Ministry of internal affairs, the immigration control office, or at any of the Uganda high commission or Embassy offices for those outside Uganda. Your application will be processed and depending on when do get the notification SMS, you will be able to acquire an e-passport.

How To Apply For e-Passport In Uganda Online

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