How To Earn Money On A Paid To Chat Site

On, earning money is seem as something simple just like many share, and which can be done by anyone provided you meet the set requirements. Requirements include but not limited to being a woman and aged between 18 and above, being from the United Kingdom (UK) Canada, United States (USA) and Australia, having applied and your application been approved.

Having a government issued identification with your photo, having a computer connected to the internet with a functioning webcam, being fluent in English and many others helps your application go through faster when you apply. You too need a speedy internet connection, having typing skills of up to 40 WPM, having an engaging personality and any other required since with them you are guaranteed or making some good money off the site.

Having all the above and willing to spend your maximum time on site while engaged is one thing which helps when it comes to accumulating higher earnings. And getting paid on the site is something which is done on a net 15 basis for example members are paid after every two (2) weeks provided you have accumulated the total amount which are enough as per the payment requirements. Payments are processed by PayPal and check.

In short, the more time you spend on line, the more earnings you make although ones total time spent as member determined how much one will be earning per minute and basing on the chat type for example, for 0 – 3 months users, they earn up to 10 cents per minute on text chat and up to 40 cents per minute on video chat, those who have been members for 3 – 6 months earn up to 12 cents per minute text chat while up to 45 cents is earned per minute on video chat and for the 6 months plus members, they earn 15 cents per minute for text chat while 50 cents per minute video chat.

And since I am a busy lady with less time to spend on the interne, it took me some average time before I got my payment and which means that if you got the time to spend, you can get paid within a shortest time possible. On unlike other paid to chat sites which require members to install software and or do marketing, advertising and promotions or referrals.

There is nothing like such a need on site since everything is done indoors once approved and the best being the fact that members have total control of what they engage in and for how long they do the same on the social interaction site. Find out more Review here..

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