How To Get A License Of Exports In Uganda

Uganda Export LicenseYou can get a License of exports from Uganda once you apply for it. Depending on the type of products you wish to export out of the country for example industrial or agricultural products, you must follow the right procedures put in place by the issuing body for example Uganda Coffee Development Authority for Coffee export license. Lets take a deep look at the different facts about exporting from Uganda and all requirements using coffee as our example.

Requirements for Exporters

In order to deal with exporting of any product from Uganda, it is mandatory for the exporting individual or company to meet all of the below requirements. Different requirements are issued by different agencies on behalf of the government and they include but not limited to;

Register a Business

Begin by registering a business or company. Company registration is done by Uganda registration services bureau and usually takes between instant and a few working days and ends with issuance of the certificate of incorporation. The process of registering a business or company begins by making a search, drafting of the articles and memorandum of association, signing all required company forms and submitting to the registrar upon paying the required fees. Read how to register a company in Uganda.

Obtain a TIN Number

A tax identification number is unique for every company or individual and is mandatory for all exporters and importers. Also individuals, companies, government agencies, NGO’s and etc are required to have TIN numbers in order to meet their tax obligations to the government. A TIN Number is issued by the Uganda Revenue authority. See full guide on obtaining a TIN.

Get an Export License

You should be able to obtain an export license from the issuing agency or ministry where the product you want to export e.g Coffee, Fish, Animals and Animal Products, Minerals, Timber and Wildlife falls. For example the Uganda Coffee Development Authority for Coffee export license.

How to get a Coffee Export License in Uganda

Value chain of coffee production UgandaNow that you have all of the required details, the next step should be obtaining the export license. The export license confirms that a company is fit to do exports of coffee and other coffee products. Certain requirements apply for coffee exporters and which any one must meet in order to qualify.

Requirements for license issuance

  • Coffee export license BY UCDA
  • Grading facility from UCDA
  • Performance bond issued by a Bank for example
  • Quality mark permit issued by UNBS
  • Register with Ministry of Agriculture, Animal industry and Fisheries (MAAIF)
  • Register on URA’s E Single Window
  • Register with Uganda Export Promotion Board
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Note: You are required to have Obtain phytosanitary certificate for coffee and Quality certificate and ICO Certificate of origin permit per consignment. Refer to this guide on how to obtain each of the above.

List of Coffee Exporters in Uganda

Olam (U) Ltd – 041-4271440

Cofiplas Ltd – 041-4342326

Banyankole Kweterana Society – 0485-421222

Busiro Coffee and Produce Ltd – 041-4251644

Coffee Millers Ltd – 041-4233542

Busingye and Co. Ltd – 041-4258778 / 041-4254495

Cargill Uganda – 041-4222611

Bugisu Cooperative Union Ltd – 045-4433604

Tanganyika Instant Coffee Co. Ltd – 041-4347337

Lake Land Holdings Ltd – 041-4345120 / 031-2264945 / 031-2264944

Budadiri Aribica Coffee Factory Ltd – 045-4434484

Ibero (U) Ltd – 0481-420783

Uganda Crane Coffee Ltd – 041-4348045

Kawacom (U) Ltd – 031-2260201 / 041-2222611/ 041-2222619

Star Cafe Ltd – 041-4253454

Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd – 041-4344021

Great Lakes Coffee Co. Ltd – 041-4286961

Job Coffee Ltd – 041-4255914

Note: The list above is unending. We will be updating it regularly to ensure that you don’t miss out on any other coffee exporting company which otherwise would have worked for you.

Mountain Harvest Uganda

I couldn’t leave out Mountain harvest, one of Uganda’s renowned high-quality and specialty producers of coffee more especially that grown by farmers around Mount Elgon. Mountain Harvest connects it with coffee lovers everywhere thus allowing them to enjoy what comes out of the brand.

Uganda current coffee prices and statistics

Uganda Coffee Development Authority provides daily market price sales, reports and statistics about coffee. By visiting and accessing their website, anyone is able to track and know the current prices and all other stats in addition to downloading them in PDF formats which can easily be printed for references.

Winding up

Obtaining an export license from Uganda is a straight forward process. Following all steps and getting all necessary requirements is a sure way to have a license certificate in your hands and thus allowing you t trade beyond borders.

Uganda being a pearl of Africa means much especially to the farmers. The land is full of opportunities in the agricultural sector with endless options to earn money. Not only will you export coffee but also many other products both industrial and agriculture.

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