How To Make Money With Phi 9 Affiliation Program – Read First

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Looking forward to making and earning some extra but reasonable amount of money ($) online as a Phi 9 Affiliate? Continue reading since by the time you go through this post, you will have known what to do, how to do it, maximizing your earnings and so much more. But in case you decide to rush and join, then that’s up to you as well – you know better.

As seen in this review, Phi 9 is both a “premium web and email hosting, marketing and cloud solutions” provider. But it does not end just there, they too have an Affiliate program which when well made use of, one can make money and thus enjoying the rewards of reading.

Their referral program is very simply and easy to use. Its free to join and get started with the only requirements being to create an account which too is free. With the different earning opportunities available on the internet, can’t be left out since its worth to try than failing to do so.

Just imagine walking away with up to $5 on sign up, and earning hundreds every time you refer your friends? Indeed it may be something worth to try out basing on what I know from experience. All internet users would love to earn, and is the reason as to why you are too reading this. Lets look on how it works.

How the Affiliate Program works

This “affiliate program is very flexible, allowing you unlimited possibilities to promote our services and make money in the process. All you need is a blog, website or social media accounts”. Yes, you can promote your links on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blog, Website, Friend-feed and many others like you may want.

How do you get started?

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In order to get started, you need to create an account. It requires you to have a valid and working email account since validation is a must. After you login, you can make use of the available promotional tools, there by increasing your chances of earning.

What you should know.. Program Features
– “Registration is completely free. You do not need to be a Phi 9 customer to promote our products.
– Real time statistics
– Highest commission in the industry: 50% payout for each new customer you get us and 15% residual commission (up to $150 per account sale)*
– $5 just for signing up as our affiliate.
– Attractive and engaging banner ads to help promote our services – simply copy and paste them into the website of your choice.
– When you reach $100 or more, simply click “Withdraw” in your Affiliate Portal to GET PAID. In most cases, it takes fewer than 3 sales to reach $100.
– For the safety of our customers and affiliates, we have a 99% holding period for new clients. This allows us to avoid fraud and ensure that we secure residual commissions for our affiliates”.

You can even do two things are once – promote and earn while hosting!

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How To Make Money With Phi 9 Affiliation Program – Read First

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