How To Shut Down A Credit Card Account Easily

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Close Credit Card Account
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A Credit Card Account regardless of the provider gives the user access to managing his or her account online when it comes to issues related to internet banking, viewing of balances, making payments, paying bills, etc uses. However, it so happens that some people will decide to close and cancel their credit card accounts at any one point in time for one reason or the other.

If you were wondering the possibility and how you can go about the entire process of cancelling your credit card account online, reading this entire article will help you to learn how to get started and the best way on how to do it. Also, included is a sample letter request for closure.

While the process might be very simple, one need to understand that having your credit card account closed but in the recommended way is one best thing that can help him or her to stay freely without any worries related for example the fines, penalties and any extra charges and payments which may occur with regard.

It is also known, and true that a credit card can be closed or cancelled even with an outstanding balance. But, it is recommended that before making any attempts to close your account, you need to look into and consider a factor like first paying off all your outstanding credits and bills so as to avoid any future penalties which may be associated with such a decision and once you are done, below is the process.

Instructions to close credit card account online

  • Look out for your Credit Card Account issuer telephone number or customer service helpline number which is in most cases located on back of the card, and or visit your issuer website and look out for the same number.
  • Make a call, talk to the customer service representative and make a request for having your credit card account closed. At this point, you will be requested to provide some information about yourself for example your birth date, your social security number and any others as may be required from time to time.
  • Depending on how your credit card issuer deals with such requests, you will be notified when your request will be processed, although making a follow up with another option like a mail with the same request addressed to your credit card account provider will be an added advantage.
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By now, you will have your account closed and depending on what your reason was for example wanting to switch to a different provider who offers the best deals like rewards on purchases, you can go on and do whatever you want.

Whether you are cancelling a virtual credit card you just opened, one unused or even one with an outstanding balance, following the guide in this sample letter for closing a credit card account will help you out.

Sample letter requesting closure of credit card account

Your Name
City, State Zip

Name of Provider
City, State Zip Code

Re: Closure of Account Number (Card Number)

Dear Sir or Madam:
On 01/01/2007, I made a request by telephone to have my account closed. This letter confirms that request.

Please close the following account in my name:
Name on Card: ….
Account Number:……..

Any updates to my credit report should reflect the account was closed at my request.

If there are any discrepancies between my records and yours, please contact me by mail at the address below or by phone at [your telephone number].
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Please send confirmation the account was closed.

Your Name

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How To Shut Down A Credit Card Account Easily

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