How To Withdraw Payza Account Funds [Money] In India, Uganda, Bangladesh & Others Countries

Withdraw Payza Funds Withdrawing Payza funds or money by an account holder whether in India and some other countries looks to persist as a challenge to many due to the way things keep changing from time to time in addition to the different financial rules, terms and regulations being brought into force day by day. Payza (formerly Alertpay) is a payment processor just like MoneyBookers, PayPal and others where by individuals and businesses in general can create free personal or business accounts and use them when it comes to performing the different transactions online which involves the transfer of funds from one place to another for example from a buyer in a different country to a seller in a different country.

When you take a look at on the official Payza Website under FAQS, you will find that it is possible to Withdraw funds using Bank transfer by following the simple steps provided for example

1. Log into your Payza account and click on the “Withdraw Funds” tab
2. Select the “Bank Transfer” withdrawal option
3. Select the balance you would like to withdraw from and the bank account to which you want to withdraw your funds
4. Enter in the amount you would like to withdraw from your open currency balance
5. Click on “Next”
6. Enter in your Transaction PIN and click on “Withdraw”

While at the same time, cross checking on the different internet sites about the same for example on Yahoo Answers Payza India question, you find that many find it difficult to withdraw their funds using the procedures above for example;

Hi, i want to withdrawal my money from my payza account to my bank account in India. I have 98.76 usd in my payza account, i tried to withdrawal mo money but it always ask for add bank account, i added my bank account but after adding bank account it doesn’t show process to withdrawal money it just show bank account only. when ever i tried to withdrawal it just go for add bank account, please help me how do i withdrawal my money.

And for the reason above, I was forced to contact a friend in India who created a Payza account so that we could use it for testing purposes and from the findings, below are the steps which you should follow in order to Withdraw your Payza account funds in India.

Step One – Adding Your Bank Account Under Bank Wire

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1. Log in to your Payza account and go to my Bank accounts.
2. Hit on add a Bank Account, choose your country and select Bank Wire since that is what you need in order to Withdraw funds in India.
3. Review your details, allow all authorization requests and confirm.

Step Two – Withdrawing Your Funds

1. Log in to your Payza account and go to Withdraw funds.
2. Select Bank Wire under Electronic Funds, enter the amount and confirm.

Note: Your Payza account must be verified in order to process the above transactions.

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  1. Devashree Deulkar says:

    Just heard that they are going to launch their domestic process too. Awaiting to use it! Their transaction history are clear and I am satisfied with payza

  2. Mr Khan says:

    Sell limited PayPal and withdraw service from PayPal get VCC verified PayPal account.

  3. ClaudNCech says:

    Great post! We will be linking to this great post on our
    site. Keep up the good writing.

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