Introduction To Hide First Image In Post WordPress Plugin

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How to hide first images in WordPress post When it comes to permanently or temporarily hiding the First image in WordPress posts, Hide First Image In Post is to me the best plugin which will do for you a great work. This plugin which I created myself and tested on this, and my other client blogs so far is the easiest and simplest plugin anyone who wants to hide the first image in his posts can use.

In addition to being simple and use to use, it is also very light and consumes no much data bandwidth to download and install. This Plugin will start working (hide first post images) upon installation and activation, and will stop working (restore hidden images) upon deactivation.

Hide First Image In Post plugin does not require any additional setups or configurations. It will instantly deploy upon activation there by saving you lots of struggles and coding, which might have otherwise ended up breaking your site. The only thing one does is downloading, uploading and activating the plugin. Instantly, it will start working.

With this plugin, you are saved from the different codes which many users don’t even know where to add them. That is why I put up everything in this simple and easy plugin so you can download and install. This plugin is tested to be Virus free and nor with any malicious code.

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Introduction To Hide First Image In Post WordPress Plugin

How to hide first image in WordPress posts

Step 1: Download Hide First Image In Post plugin.


Step 2: Upload the plugin on your Blog.


Step 3: Activate the plugin.


Step 4: Check plugin from list.


Step 5: Reload your pages and you will see all first images disappear.

Depending on the caching plugin you are using, it may take sometimes before changes show up. If you can disable and re-enable your cache plugin, that is preferably.

Note: I recommend you perform a back up of your database just in case. Happy first image in a post hiding.

Introduction To Hide First Image In Post WordPress Plugin

Introduction To Hide First Image In Post WordPress Plugin

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