List Of Motor Vehicle / Car / Sellers / Dealers / Coins / Bonds / Warehouses In Uganda – Kampala / Other Areas

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
List Of Motor Vehicle / Car / Sellers / Dealers / Coins / Bonds / Warehouses In Uganda - Kampala / Other Areas

Buying a new imported car / motor vehicle with in Uganda is no longer a hassle. This is because of the fact that currently, there are very many auto motive dealers, bonds, ware houses and sellers who ship directly from the manufactures or other sellers outside for example in Japan, and deliver directly to Uganda. And for this, buyers can simply reach sellers and instantly make purchases and payments, and which helps one to instantly start driving without having to wait for months and weeks for his or her delivery.

In this post, I am sharing with you some of those motor vehicle sellers, car dealers, bonds, coins, warehouses in Kampala, and other parts of Uganda in a list, where any one who is having cash can land, and buy a car or motor vehicle of choice without any worries. Best of all, many of those bonds, sellers, dealers and coins have a asset bank financing system which is best for those who qualify. Yo can also read on how to search and buy a good second hand / used car in Uganda. Lets looks at the long list below.

A list of car dealers, sellers, coins, bonds in Uganda

Bejo Motor Solutions (U) Ltd.

1 – 4 6th Street Industrial Area 7870,Kampala

077-6760601, 075-2585676

Victoria Motors Ltd.

10 Old Port Bell Road Industrial Area 620,Kampala

041-4341021, 041-4343364

Autorec Enterprise Ltd.

85 Kira Road Kamwokya 3042,Kampala

041-4541111, 071-2806575

Adachi Auto Ltd.

3 Naguru Katalima Road Nakawa Near CMC Coin Ltd. N 25906,Kampala
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031-2264317, 077-2772062, 077-2629462

Tokyo Auto Ltd.

3 – 7 (Old Port Bell Road) Bugolobi 24610,Kampala


Jambo Auto Mart Ltd.

M506 Jinja Road High Way Ntinda Industrial Area Kampala

041-4288670, 075-1595333, 071-4786950

Japan Auto Traders Ltd.

Jinja Road Coin ICD 70153,Kampala

031-2265398, 041-4574519

Planet Solutions (U) Ltd.

4 Jinja Road Social Security House, Western Wing 2 37414,Kampala

041-4598486, 075-3333000

Ramzan Motors (Show Room)

8 Jinja Road 30255,Kampala

041-4255767, 071/077-2726926

Smart Motor World Ltd.

041-4288317, 031-2289387

Chatha Investments Ltd.

Opp. Pepsi Cola Factory Coin ICD Building Kampala

041-4286626, 071-2805089, 078-2309550

Ramzan Motors (Bonded Warehouse)

118 6th Street Industrial Area 30255,Kampala

041-4255767, 071/077-2726926

Al-Malik Group

34 Mukaabya Road Nakawa Industrial Area 29306,Kampala

041-4286572, 041-4221438, 077-2760786

Future Group Co. Ltd.

32 Mukaabya Road, Off Jinja Road 4368,Kampala

041-4288814, 077-2744546, 070-1777776

Aisha Group (U) Ltd.

17/23 Naguru Road 7665,Kampala

070-2777110, 078-2648043, 077-6888886

Muko Investments

Entebbe Road Kampala

077-2433050, 077-2584420, 041-4200571

Yuasa Investments Ltd.

Nakawa – Nagulu Junction UNAFRI Parking 26606,Kampala

041-4285481, 071-7744546, 070-3000011

Dura Motors Ltd.

1004 Masaka Road Ndeeba Masaku Complex 7662,Kampala

031-2104544, 075-2809894

Autorec Enterprise Ltd.

Green City Super Market 1606,Mbarara

0485-438227, 077-7009827

List Of Motor Vehicle / Car / Sellers / Dealers / Coins / Bonds / Warehouses In Uganda – Kampala / Other Areas

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