Scam Alert: Domain Abuse Notice From scam domain abuse notice Just like celebrities will never stop amusing the public, the same goes on the scammers side and their scamming tips and ways. Back in the day when thousand emails were sent to webmasters and domain owners from, the same looks to have started happening again this time round using a new extension whilst keeping the same target about Domain abuse.

In fact, it makes me wonder how a one day registered domain name [] according to who is info will immediately claim to alert domain owners about how they have been abusing their domains. This is the third time this year I have seen such emails all faking as legitimate and requiring one to download the attached malware files, and or visiting the infected links just for their purposes.

This time round, the scam domain abuse notice email I received, and which I believe will be sent to you as well just in case you haven’t received it is quoted below… According to, this same domain was registered on 2016-11-22T12:16:54Z and updated same date on 2016-11-22T16:57:34Z. The owner info is also hidden. The email sender is Lucas Clarke” ..

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Dear Domain Owner,
Our system has detected that your domain blahblah.etc is being used for spamming and spreading malware recently. You can download the detailed abuse report of your domain along with date/time of incidents. Click link
We have also provided detailed instruction on how to delist your domain from our blacklisting.
Please download the report immediately and take proper action within 24 hours otherwise your domain will be suspended permanently.
There is also possibility of legal action depend on severity and persistence of your abuse case.
Three Simple Steps:
Download your abuse report.
Check your domain abuse incidents along with date and time.
Take few simple steps for prevention and to avoid domain suspension.
Click Here to Download your Report
Please look into it and contact us.
Best Regards,
Domain Abuse Admin
DomainCop Inc.
Tel.: (139) 723-31-04

Now I am not so sure if indeed this is true or just another scam. But basing on my survey where I found out that thousand webmasters received this same email with their domain links noted as the abusers, this made me conclude that its total scam with a hidden agenda which is more likely stealing personal info. You should take note of this just in case..

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  1. noname says:

    Got one today.

  2. Me says:

    I just got one to. How do we report stuff like this, and how can we stop a domain that oviously are missused?

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