And – Your Free Backlinks And - Your Free Backlinks When it comes to securing free backlinks for your Website or blog, these two – And to me are one of the best to to try out. And yes, within just a few days, you will notice that they are part of your backlinks well shown in linkings. Personally, I love getting free back links for my blogs and sites for reason being that they make them popular (number one), and number two being my hidden reason.

I have seen many ask for ways of getting backlinks while others simply buying them huge amounts but why? If you are reading this, you are lucky and by the time you complete this article, you will have found a way to secure at least two additional backlinks for your website or blog. The entire idea is very simple and its what I am gonna share with you and right here. is that one domain which almost gives every website an incoming link. And if you monitor your incoming links using the Alexa site linking in option, believe me you, a link from with an IP address attachment will be the very first one to show. This means that you can easily be granted of that backlink and instantly provided you find that way of getting it, and which is not limited to performing a ping, yes a ping.

On the other hand, will also give you that juice incoming link which will be seen nby both Alexa and other links analysis. is a list of domains. Try this out, visit the URL and enter your domain URL in the search and hit go. The next time you know it, you will have created a lasting back link.

Enter your email, select new user, enter name, wait, add and finish all using this Free.

I always share with you simple tricks to doing things just like you see this all about those free backlinks. Go now and create them for you. I once heard that the more links you have, the higher the popularity of your site. And who doesn’t want his or her blog to be super-fantastic in terms of visitors? Oh not even me…


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  1. it is not easy to get a link from secure servers unless you buy

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  2. Dear

    Your post is very good, yes. I saw that many website get backlink at

    I also try to get the backlink on But i can not find where to input it.
    Can you share me in we do it?

    Thank a lot

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