Best 5 Free Short Story Ideas Generators

Short Story Ideas Generators

Take a look at these best 5 free short story idea generators and say bye to running out of what to write. Whether you are a film or story writer, I have compiled these writing prompts just for you. Remember, storytellers must be creative at all times since people always expect something new from them. But before arriving on the list, let’s explore more about writing prompts.

What are Writing Prompts and Idea Generators?

According to the University of Connecticut, a writing prompt introduces and focuses on the writing topic. This means that having a prompt or an idea means that you will stick to that during your story-writing process regardless of whether you are writing a short fiction story, film, etc. On the other hand, an Idfea generator is a tool that gives you ideas to write about for your short story, or film.

Best 5 free short story idea generators


squibler horror short story prompts is a plot generator tool that allows you to generate random writing prompts just like that. All you need is to access the tool and click generate prompt. You can alternatively use the Dangerous mode option and see the magic. With this tool, you will never run out of short story ideas.

Servicescape creative short story ideas allows you to create random prompts based on your fantasy. From alternative history, children’s stories, comedy, dark fantasy, etc, you are all set to never run out of ideas. Visit the tool using the above link and get started.

Plot generator for short fiction writing prompts is a masterpiece generator where you can create inspirational story ideas for your novel, film, or short story. You draft your plot based on what you are writing about, for example, movie script, opening line, twist, meme, drabble, headlines, etc.

Reedsy creative short story ideas gives you access to over 200+ short story ideas every week. You can choose from a long list of prompts that are ready depending on your choice. You also get ideas on how you can come up with your own prompts as easy as that.

Writing Exercises funny short story ideas allows you to generate short prompt scenarios based on your choice of keyword. Simply visit the link above and select the prompt tool of choice to get started.

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