Smartphone Projectors Under 20 Pounds

Best Smartphone projectors UK Ever wondered what the best smartphone projectors under 20 Pounds are? Or do you even know that with an amount less than that, you can turn your mobile into a big screen and watch your favorite videos and videos? Oh yes, this article brings you the Best 5 mobile phone projectors for less than £20.

We all know how making a choice more especially on less costly products can be. It is a tiresome process since many believe in the higher the price the better the product and which isn’t my case. I have purchased so many products online and sometimes wondered if indeed the item was worth the price.

And yes, this sounds too good to be true well as it is a fact that with less than 20 pounds, you can buy a smartphone projector and enjoy the same benefits like one who has spent lost of Pounds on a same value item. Well, let me share with you my top 5 best at the said price.

1. Luckies of London Smartphone Projector 2.0

Luckies of London Smartphone Projector 2.0

This one features adjustable focus, fits plus-sized smartphones, is assembled with luxury finish and gorl accents, and is a lo-fi projector which magnifies your phone’s screen up to 8x.

2. Paladone Smartphone Projector

Paladone Smartphone Projector

It turns the small into big by enlarging and projecting your mobile images, has an adjustable focus for increased sharpness, requires no batteries or even wires and has silicone pad to keep your smartphone safe and secure.

3. Spectre Smartphone 3D Hologram projector

Spectre Smartphone 3D Hologram projector

Use your mobile for entrancing 3D hologram projection. It is simple, sensory and easy to use in addition to being sold cheaper.

4. Portable DIY Cardboard Smart Phone Projector

Portable DIY Cardboard Smart Phone Projector

It is designed to create intimate screenings any time. Best for kids (cartoons) and adults (videos or movies). It fits phones up to a max size of 14.5 x 8cm / 5.7 x 3.2 inches and requires no additional wires or battery.

5. Pico Smartphone Projector

Pico Smartphone Projector

It is a mini, compact and lightweight Artlii LED Mini projectors which can be connected to PC, Laptop, USB for Movies, TV shows, Karaoke, Video Games and much more. It is compatible to versatile interfaces such as USB, HDMI, AV, SD.So it can be connected to your iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, TV, PC, Laptop, Desktop, DVD Player, Blu-ray plyers, Stereo, PS4, PS3, XBOX,etc

Smartphone Projector Safe usage

Finally you have acquires one of your choice, it is very important that you use it well as recommended by the provider. In most cases, these smartphone projector are boxed with a manual which is intended to help the user do things the right way. I as well recommend that you follow instructions in the kit so as to get the most benefit. This applies not only to products in the list even limited to UK only bit for all.

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