Ugandan Convention 2020

Uganda convention 2020 Chicago

You have read it well, the Ugandan Convention 2020 is here. If you have been wondering when this famous reunion and uniting day is for 2020 and how to get started for example to register and or book your attendance, this post will take you through as it has all answers for you.

This annual Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) convention is the largest gathering of Ugandans in North America. It is that day when we join for a weekend of business, networking and reuniting with family and friends. The 2020 UNAA Convention at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Tickets and pricing for members registration

QuantityConvention Registration – Member$180.00
QuantityConvention Registration – Non Member$210.00
QuantityConvention Registration – Student Member$150.00
QuantityConvention Registration – Student – Non Member$180.00
QuantityConvention Registration – Teen – 7 – 18$100.00
QuantityConvention Registration – Toddler – 0 – 6$30.00
QuantityNew Membership$50.00
QuantityMembership Renewal$20.00
QuantityTrade and Investment Forum – Free for Members$50.00
QuantityVendor Registration – Non Member – Premium$500.00
QuantityVendor Registration – Member – Premium$470.00
QuantityVendor Registration – Non Member – Standard$300.00
QuantityVendor Registration – Member – Standard$270.00

You have seen it well, the next thing for you is to Visit the UNAA website and order instantly. Its between August 29 – September 1. Also note that there are Unlimited availability of Quantities.

Written by KWS Adams

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