Zareklamy Review! Is App Legit and Paying or Scam?

zareklamy app legit

This is my review of Zareklamy. If you’ve heard of it and wondering whether it’s legit and worth joining and spending your time on, or simply another scam you shouldn’t bother to check out, reading this post will help you discover the real truth you are looking for.

Zareklamy allows you to make additional income online by turning your time into profits. From your iPhone or Android smartphone, tablet or computer, you are ready to download, install the app and make money, and get paid wherever you are completely free without any extra investment. You can add to your list these legit money-making apps for 2022.

About Zareklamy App

Zareklamy is a free-to-join either by phone via their app or computer smartphone application available for download on Apple apps and Google play store. Registered members have various ways they can earn money including by playing games, completing surveys, watching videos ads, shopping online, and creating accounts. Depending on what makes one feel comfortable, you can choose from the list of offers available and start earning.

Once you download and install the Zareklamy app on your smartphone or PC, you need to register by creating an account using Google, Microsoft, or email in order to get started.

Ways to earn from Zareklamy

  • Playing games
  • Fill surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Online shopping
  • Referring others

Whether you are an online game player, or simply a survey guru, Zareklamy offers you the opportunity to real your targets and goals in terms of money. Additionally, you get paid to watch videos while keeping the laugh on, doing shopping, and also referring others (join using this link to get free $10). . If you refer more to join, the higher your chances of earning even more since a $10 reward to both applies the referral and referee.

How to withdraw earnings on Zareklamy

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $25, you can update your payment billing information and get paid. The faster you accomplish tasks, the better, and your chances of earning even more. The Available payment methods to receive a transfer include; Bank transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer.

Is the Zareklamy app legit or a scam?

I just created my account a few days back to test if indeed Zareklamy is real and legit. Since I am not closer to the minimum payment threshold, I can’t conclude that they are scams or legit. I will be updating this post and also uploading a payment screenshot in case I get paid once I reach the payment threshold. The same should happen if I don’t get paid after clicking the minimum required as it will confirm it is a scam. Either way, subscribe to this post for an update.

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