10 Tips for Airbnb Clone Success: How to Create a Vacation Rental Website That Resonates with Guests

Airbnb Clone app

Do you have a house near a beach or a beautiful cottage that you barely visit once in a year? If yes, then renting it out can turn it into a profitable business that you might have always dreamed of. Airbnb clone is the perfect choice for starting a rental business. It allows travelers to book or rent a good place on a low budget. The Airbnb clone app is the platform that connects the guest and the host. A user-friendly vacation rental website is the first step to the success of this business. Airbnb clone app must contain all those features that will attract a guest.

Why is Airbnb Clone App the best option available


Airbnb clone ensures that payments are safe and money transaction is smooth. The last thing a guest wants is trouble with money transactions. Airbnb clone app ensures the guest doesn’t have trouble with that.

Instant booking

Many people plan their trips in a hurry and the first thing on their mind is if they can get bookings at the last moment. That is when the Airbnb clone comes to the rescue as it has the instant booking feature. It allows you to not only book instantly but also gives you the best booking options at the cheapest prices with its property search features.

In-app chat

A vacation rental website should have an In-app chat option. This option is especially useful when a customer has some inconvenience on their way or had a flight delay. In these circumstances, the in-app feature allows the customer to contact the host and ask for assistance. In-app chat can also be used to provide additional information to the guests such as travel details.

Custom language and currency

Since people from all over the world are making bookings through your Airbnb clone app, it should provide different currency alternatives. This will make the booking process smooth and easy for the guests. The custom language option helps in reaching people from different countries and overcomes the language barrier.


With Airbnb clone app push notifications, the guest can be tempted by the hosts in many ways. The host can let the customer know of the seasonal offers available and other exciting festivals. The notifications can attract guests by informing them about the latest deals and sales that the business owner is offering.

Maintain a user-friendly website

 Website is the most important tool used to attract customers. In order to get your business to flourish, your website should have eye-catching themes and useful features.

Portal reservations

When a guest uses a rental vacation website to book a property, the website search engines and algorithms must be simple enough for the guest to understand. Airbnb search features allow the guest to find the perfect accommodations that they are looking for. Accommodations range from cheap living room furniture to luxury couches. Airbnb search engines allow the guests to find the list of the best accommodations that they can afford depending on their budget.

 Managing property

The website must give the host options which they can use to manage the pricing structure, search the location of the property on google maps and check property availability. The website should also provide options where hosts can get more information about accommodations.


Airbnb filters help you to filter out the information that you are looking for. The guest can use this feature to find the kind of rooms they would be comfortable in. Guest can find room options like shared bedrooms, single bedrooms, and private rooms. These filters allow the guest to explore a wide range of options and find the one that they find the most suitable for themselves. Guests can make a list of accommodations they need and then search through the filters to find the perfect match for themselves.


Location is the number one thing that the guests are concerned about. Airbnb Maps feature allows the guest to get familiar with the location that they are booking. The guests can choose the specific sites on the map that they would like to be near and then decide accordingly. It is one of the most important features as it makes it easier to find the perfect location without much hassle.


Ready to plan your future trips? Use these Airbnb tips to make your traveling experience the most memorable one. Without much inconvenience, you can now plan your trips according to your desires as Airbnb provides the best options that suit the needs of the guests.

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