Birds [Fledgling] Watching in Uganda – East Africa

Africa is one of the best places on earth that has an immense gathering of creatures and which are God gifted. And with Uganda being one of the countries which team up Africa, its too one of those where one can find a wide range of animals and birds which any one would want to watch or look at at least once. 

This is a direct result of the landscape that incorporates rich savannahs, deserts, downpour backwoods, wetlands and a considerable measure more which makes it a perfect spot for many including bird watching.

Uganda which bordered with Kenya in the East, DR Congo in the West, Tanzania in the South and South Sudan (Juba) in the North is a landlocked country sitting on an area of 241,039 km. The country is an Agricultural economy, politically democratic and prides itself for being one of the places a must visit by tourists due to being naturally gifted.

Image source : Elitre @Wikipedia

One of the bird watching spots is the Albertine Rift Endemic Area that gloats to have 40+ types of flying creatures. The feathered creatures here can likewise be seen in Burundi, Congo and Rwanda.

Since the legislature needs to ensure these creatures, they have setup 24 comparative zones that are found in the woods of Mgahinga and Bwindi National Park in the southwest in addition to the famous national spots including Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls and others which all have different bird species which you might not like to miss out.

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Reading Books like Birds of East Africa can help you get to know where the different species of birds can be found and which can turn your  experience a good one at the end of the day as you can get access to watching all of your favorite bird species.

I personally like watching birds and that is why I decided to share with you another spot where you can get started. Traveling is exploring and exploring is learning, which never ends.

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  1. Suma says:

    Fledgling viewing can be an extremely fun and intriguing action once you are acquainted with the thing that you have to know while doing it. The principal thing that you have to acclimate yourself about winged animal viewing is recognizing the flying creature that you will watch.

    This very undertaking is truly difficult on the grounds that it is not simple to recognize them particularly when they are such a large number of feet far from the beginning. Since fowls are lively and dynamic creatures, you require an agreeable and snappy eye to have the capacity to see the same number of subtle elements conceivable in, for example, brief time of time. Enjoy your time and make it as your hobby.

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