Civil Engineer Vs Architect

Civil Engineer Vs Architect What is the difference between an architect and a civil engineer you may hear people ask? Civil Engineers and architects do work very closely with one another, but they do have different, but equally as important roles.

Both civil engineers and architects are involved in the designing and planning of a structure. A civil engineer will focus solely on ensuring the structure is going to be safe, secure and able to cope with extreme weather conditions, whereas the architect will concentrate on the beauty of the structural work, as well as direct all their attention on the appearance, feel and functionality.

A civil engineer will explore, investigate and probe the structural integrity of the design which the architect has created. The civil engineer will also find ways which make the construction design possible by giving recommendations of any alterations they think the design needs to change the architects vision to reality.

So, although the civil engineer and architect have different roles to play, they do often work with one another as their work sometimes overlaps. Having good communication with one another and a great working relationship is a must between the two professions. This will ensure the job is as successful and effective as possible. The two occupations need each other to complete a project, and it would be difficult to implement such plans without one or the other.

An architect will design a space which meets the client’s needs and desires. They will create a blueprint for the internal and external parts of a building. The architect and civil engineer will need to work together to ensure the structure meets all the appropriate building codes. The architect is responsible for ensuring the building is safe for its occupants.

The civil engineer will advise or specify which are the most applicable structural materials needed for the work and help in choosing the most appropriate plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation systems.

While both use mathematics, science, and the principles of design in their work, they each provide unique skills to the consumer. It is essential that students interested in structural design understand the differences between the two, so they can acquire the appropriate educational credentials needed.

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A civil engineer has several areas of expertise. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • The design and development of both public or private structures, i.e.; canals, roadways, or other structures with useful functions in society
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Environmental

An architect also has areas in which they expertise in, please take a look:

  • Design and development of both public and private structures, such as; Urban, landscape, graphic, and interior designs
  • City planning
  • Aesthetic principles of design

It goes without saying, both professions offer invaluable services. Without the visions and creative abilities of the architect, individuals would not have a way to formulate various types of structures. Without the practical expertise of the engineer, an architect’s designs would be nothing but drawings on paper. It is the architect who plans and creates, and it is the engineer who turns those plans and creations into safe realties! Victor Smith.

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