My Content at Scale Review 2023

Content at Scale Review

As someone who’s reviewed a ton of freelancer content and who has been in this business for over a decade, I have witnessed how writing software evolved from the silly grammatical errors of yesteryears to the polished output of today’s AI-powered tools.

The latest writing software to come across my radar is Content at Scale. After testing it for a few days, I was truly impressed! The quality of the content is the closest to what a human writer would produce I’ve seen.

Everything is done for you:

  • title
  • meta description
  • headers
  • even an intro and call to action

All you have to do is enter a longtail keyword and let the AI go to work.

Let me walk you through the app so you can decide if it’s right for your business too.

What Is Content at Scale?

Content at Scale is an AI writing platform that combines three AI engines: GPT-3 plus two natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to produce long-form content.

Unlike most writing software that creates content by section, Content at Scale gives you an entire long-form blog post based on a single longtail keyword.

Each 1,000+ word article is automatically written with headers, bullet points, an introduction, and a conclusion, plus a custom call to action to improve its SEO score.

The comprehensive editor works just like Google Docs. And like Surfer SEO, you get a sidebar with optimization tips on keyword count, keyword placement, and other SEO elements.

All these are at your fingertips in just a few minutes.

Here is an overview of Content at Scale:

  • Creates long-form content from one longtail keyword.
  • Optimized for SEO.
  • Scans for plagiarism.
  • Human-quality output from 3 AI copywriting engines.
  • Google Docs-style text editor.
  • SEO checklist to improve ranking.
  • Automatically published to WordPress.

How Content at Scale Works

The output quality of Content at Scale is something we have never seen before. Its biggest advantage is the ability to produce long-form content that has been optimized for a particular keyword and passed plagiarism checks.

Let me show you how we generated an entire 1,000-word blog post with just a few clicks.

Dashboard View

Content At Scale Dashboard

When you log into Content at Scale, the first thing you will see is the dashboard. Your projects are displayed here just like folders on a screen.

Say you have a new client named Clark Law Office. Create a project with that title so you have all your articles organized in one place. You can also add a brief description of the project.

If you have a monthly goal, there is an option to set the number of blog posts you want to produce within that time frame. A quick mouse-over will tell you if you are on pace or need more content to reach your monthly quota.

Right now, the app is still in the beta phase so the dashboard interface may seem a little clunky.

The Project View

Project view

Clicking on our Clark Law Office project, we see all the articles we have created for this client organized like files on Google Drive.

To create a new blog post, click the Add Content button in the upper right corner. Then type in the long-tail keyword you want to rank for.

Right below the keyword field is an option to add context. This is where you tell the AI how you want it to write your article.

After clicking the Create Content Now button, sit back and relax while the AI starts writing your blog post. A progress bar will tell you when your article is ready.

Because of the complexity of the language engines powering Content at Scale, it does take a bit longer to produce content compared to other AI writing software. Take a break, make yourself a cup of coffee, and then come back.

After the AI creates your first article, the succeeding ones will be generated more quickly since they are based on the same relevant keywords.

All the articles we created during the testing period were done in less than the time it took for me to write this review. That is how Content at Scale can ramp up your content marketing!

Once your article is ready, click on the title to go to the Editor page.

The Editor View

Editor view

While some of these AI-generated articles are publish-ready, any responsible content writer will always proofread their work before posting.

On the top half of the editor page, you will see the article title, a URL slug, and a meta description. Again, the quality of these elements is on par with human output. But if you are not satisfied, you can edit them in their respective fields.

Scrolling down to the bottom half of the page, you will see the body copy with a Google Docs-style editor. Here you can change the fonts and header styles, add bulleted or numbered lists, and insert images and links – essentially all the tools that a standard text content editor would have.

This is another feature that other writing platforms do not have. With an intuitive and user-friendly text editor, you can make changes to your article without having to copy and paste it into Word or Google Docs.

The editor toolbar also has a rewrite button that lets you rewrite sentences or paragraphs if they seem repetitive.

Extra Elements

The Content at Scale AI automatically generates an introduction, a table of contents, headers, key takeaways, Click-to-Tweet boxes, and a conclusion.

The key takeaways boxes summarize the information of a particular paragraph or section. You can customize the font and color of this box.


A table of contents is great for SEO and allows the reader to jump to sections and helps show engagement, but you can remove it if you do not need it.

Similar to the key takeaways, the click-to-tweet box summarizes important parts of your article. When readers click on the Tweet button, it automatically directs them to a Twitter page to tweet that message.

The AI will also create a call-to-action for you and add it to the conclusion, but you can also set your pre-defined call to action as well.

On the right side of the editor page is an optimization checklist to help you with your SEO score. Refer to this guide as you edit your article to make sure it has the relevant keywords and other elements of an optimized blog post.

As you can see, the Content at Scale AI offers a lot! And you won’t find these awesome features from any other AI writing tool on the market.

But what about content quality?

As with any writing machine, you may still consider a human editor to check the output quality.

While the AI-generated content scores high in Grammarly, some sentences need tweaking so as not to sound redundant. The article also lacks transitional words to make sentences flow smoothly.

According to Content at Scale, its AI engines are able to generate plagiarism-free content. But if you want to test it yourself, there is a Review tab on the Optimization sidebar where you can run a plagiarism scan.

In terms of content quality, Content at Scale AI is way ahead of its competitors. And perhaps, even better than some human writers.

Does this mean you can totally delegate your content writing duties to artificial intelligence?

Not entirely. Robots have a long way to go before they take over for seasoned copywriters and novelists.

Here’s why.

  • The AI’s strongsuit is informational, question-based content (as opposed to something like product reviews).
  • The AI writes about technical and complex topics, but not something that’s coming directly from a subject matter expert.
  • There is a bit of cleanup, grammatically speaking..

Despite these weaknesses, Content at Scale is still a solid platform that can help content producers scale up their efforts.

Publish to WordPress

One of the highlight features of Content at Scale is its WordPress integration. By linking your website to your Content at Scale project, the AI will automatically publish new content straight to WordPress.

Not only that, but it will also add all internal links using semantically relevant keywords related to the post. So that any other content using those keywords will automatically link to your new content.

You can even add external links. For example, if you wanted to hyperlink your affiliate link any time a specific name or phrase was used. Or, you can use shortcodes for your call to action so that you can easily change them in one place and it will update all of your CTA’s.

Done-for-You Service

Complementing its brilliant AI-powered writing software is a Done-For-You service that generates content with the aid of a human editor.

Say you need 100 blog posts but do not have time to go through each and every article, you can opt for this service which offers better quality with shorter turnaround times.


The biggest challenge to subscribing to Content at Scale is its price point. Starting at $500 a month for 20 articles, Content at Scale is not cheap… at first glance.

Breaking down this number, a subscription would cost you around $0.01/word to $0.018/word. The average rate of hiring a freelance writer is around $0.05/word for a decent enough / comparable post.

If you opt for the Done-For-You service, the rates start at $2,000 per month for 20 articles.

While it may sound a bit out of range for companies with small budgets to take advantage of this product, businesses that are truly invested in content marketing are sure to get their money’s worth. Or if you’re using freelancers, it could help you speed up output from keyword to the finished article and it’s completely hands-off.


Right now, Content at Scale is a far superior product to any other AI content-generating software. It’s simply the only tool of its kind focused specifically on SEO-driven long-form content. And the good news is that it is still in beta testing so it will only get better.

With other writing platforms, there is so much editing to do that sometimes it’s more practical to just hire a human writer. In contrast, the output of the Content at Scale AI is practically publish-ready.

Content at Scale is not just for businesses. Freelancers and content agencies can cut down their blog writing time from several hours to just 5 minutes without sacrificing quality.

Since the AI is still in beta, expect some bugs and glitches along the way. Whether you are on the projects page or editor page, you can access customer service via live chat if you encounter any problems. The Content at Scale development team also sends out weekly updates, so you know when your issue has been fixed or new features are being rolled out. 

So far, Content at Scale has outperformed every AI copywriting software out there. And it is just getting started. From top-notch, optimized content quality to a user-friendly interface, there are plenty of reasons why you would pay for an AI writing tool like Content at Scale.

And while it may be on the pricey side, Content at Scale can quickly scale up your marketing efforts by generating hundreds of long-form, optimized content.

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