How To Import Site Visit Keywords From Google Webmasters To StatCounter

Statcounter Stats Google Webmaster Import StatCounter users can now be able to see their site visit  keywords data directly without logging into their Google Webmaster tools account using the new feature by Stat Counter. This came as a way to solve the analytics keyword data since Google set out limitations for keywords for logged in users to remain invisible to other stats collectors and viewers like the above.

Stat-Counter rolled out a new feature which bridges the gap to an extent that what one is required to do is to grant them permission of access to the Webmasters Tools account with restricted access and a one time verification in order for one to import all keywords from Google Webmasters account to Stat Counter Projects. If you have been wondering how you can go about the above, below is how to get started and besides, its a simple procedure.

1. Log in to Statcounter, select the project whose data you want to import and click on the Config link (settings).
2. Look out for “Import GWT Data” and open it.

3. Now log in to your Google Webmasters Tools account and select the site you want its data exported.
4. Click on manage site and select add users.

5. Now go back to the Stat-counter Import GWT data and copy the email address provided.
6. Paste the email as the new user in GWT add user and leave access as restricted and save.
7. Now go back to the same page on stat counter and click import.

You are done and you will get a successful importation message. And to view your imported keywords, simply open the project and click on GWT data. Please note that this is a one time activity where by the rest of the time,the data will be imported automatically.

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