Discount or Online Brokers: What Should a Lay Man Know?

best discount broker for beginnersIn case you have dipped your toes in the arena of stock marketing then you already know about brokers. Have you ever taken assistance of discount or online brokers? Well, in the past there used to be simply full-time brokers also called traditional brokers.  But in the present time more and more individuals are going towards discount or that of online brokers.

What do you mean by discount or online brokers?

With the boost in Internet penetration in India, more and more trading activities are getting performed online. This has led to a new variety of brokers, that are also known as discount brokers. Compared to full service brokers, an individual can easily think discount or online broker as somebody who caters very competitive brokerage rates along with a delightful customer services. You have to keep in mind that a couple of the   additional services such as stock recommendations and portfolio management services are not catered by Discount brokerage services but these are offered by full service broker. You can get the finest brokers once you know what you want. You can pick the brokerage platforms like kite.zerodha to ensure that you have the right brokers.

Less pricy

It is absolutely apparent that the Discount or online brokers always ask for the lowest brokerage pricing as compared to full service broker. It might cater you what you want and there is not going to be anything extra. They might make sure that you receive the amenities you require and they are not going to drag you into a thing that you don’t wish and later on charge for it.

Online trading

As you know that discount or online broker most of the times do work centralised so for them online trading terminal is the proper way to manage client.  These provide the finest online trading terminal that too in the absence of any pricing.

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Make a choice

No matter you are a big player or small investor, a Discount Broker offers you same. The selection is always yours to make about what you want and they will just assist you with the platform. The best thing is that they are not at all going to be bias towards anything. These fellows just tell you about the alternatives that you have and you have to make the finest choice.

Less Transitional cost

In most of the instances Discount or online Broker does the work at lowest Transactional cost. It is because they are high volume of trades. You never will get their pricing high or beyond your budget.


A prominent advantage of discount or online broker is that these individuals are unbiased. As they offer no advice, they shall not make you vend a good stock or at the same time, allow you or push you to purchase one. The individual will not be going to bother you with his or her research calls and repeat or remind you related to different types of trading call that broke while appropriately clearing recommendations behind the curtain that did not perform.  The point is these individuals will not bother you with any redundant things.


So, you can make a choice regarding discount brokers if you think they fit the best. Also, you can choose full-service brokers if they are apt for you.

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