How To Enable Picture Color Mode In Developer Options On Android Nokia 2.4

Picture Color Mode

Enabling picture color mode in Android gives you access to view more realistic and accurate colors as opposed to oversaturated ones. If you want to enable sRGB color mode on Nokia 2.4, and all other Android phones including Samsung, etc, follow the instructions below.

Before enabling sRGB picture color mode, first make sure that you have enabled developer mode on your Android. The sRGB settings can only be accessed once development settings have been activated by going to apps>> settings >> about device >> tap build number for 7 times >> confirm phone security and you will have activated.

Once you have developer mode active, follow the instructions below to enable sRGB picture mode on your Android Nokia 2.4

How To Turn on Picture Color Mode on Android

  • Tap “Apps”
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “About Phone”
  • Tap “Developer Options”
  • Toggle to On “Use sRBG” under Picture Color Mode

Why Turn On Picture Color Mode

Picture Color Mode Nokia

By turning on “Picture color mode” on your Nokia 2.4 android phone, you are telling your phone how you want color displayed on your screen. You are in a position to view pictures in Grayscale. In grayscale mode, the picture is viewed in a more realistic and accurate color although it looks dull to many.

sRBG color is good for gaming since it allows the gamer to view a range of colors, something that makes the game look more than real with a less blue tint which is good for the eyes, especially for those who spend much time playing.

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