How To Find IMEI On Samsung In Settings

Find IMEI On Samsung

Finding your IMEI on Samsung Galaxy allows you to stay protected just in case anything happens for example when you lose your phone. The IMEI number is unique on every Samsung device and it helps identify your smartphone from others.

Whether you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900A), S6 Edge (G925A), A12, S9, S10, etc, this tutorial will show you how to IMEI on Samsung in settings. Additionally, you will also get access to all other available options to locate the same regardless of the phone model including the USSD code.

How to find IMEI On Samsung Galaxy in Settings

  • Tap “Apps”
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “About Phone”

Sometimes written as “About Device”, opening “About Phone” gives you access to your Samsung Galaxy phone information including the phone number, IMEI, model number, and serial number. You can take note of the number and store them for future use or when there is a need.

How to find IMEI on Samsung Galaxy by USSD Code

  • Tap “Phone App” or Dialer
  • Dial “*#06#

Your Samsung Galaxy phone information will be displayed including IMEI/MEID (1 and 2) and the SN (Serial Number). The *#06# imei checker USSD code not only works for Samsung phones but also is universal for all other mobile devices for Android and iOS including iPhone, Tecno, iPad, iPod touch, etc.

Check IMEI on the back of the Samsung Phone

Turn back your Samsung Galaxy phone and closely look at it. You will find the “IMEI” printed on the back including the serial number and Model number.

Check IMEI on Samsung Using Member App

  • Launch “Samsung Members App”
  • Tap “Get Help”
  • Tap “Phone Model”

Your smartphone information will be displayed including the “IMEI” number. The “Samsung members app” option works if you had already registered your device.

Accessing such information on your device will help you identify it through tracking in case it goes missing or is lost. You should always keep it safe since it is only located using the above options.

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