How To Get A Free US, Canada & Australia Employer Sponsored Work Visa From Uganda, Kenya & Nigeria

Sponsored Work Visa

Are you from Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and or any other African country? Are you looking for an employer sponsored work VISA from the United States (US), Canada, Australia and any other part of the world? Would you want to try out your luck on your dream career and employment opportunity? The answer to that burning question you have been looking out for is right here and in this post.

Like many think that working from an ‘alien’ country exposes you to the ‘juice’ when it comes to earnings, that is the reason as to why many would try out their best to get such careers from countries like the US, Canada and Australia. And yes, this is very possible for as long one is committed, ready and willing to do so. With the main question being how one can exactly get exposed to such greener pastures and employment opportunities more especially the sponsored work VISA’s since for them charge nothing to the employee, that is why you need to read on.

But before I take you on the how side, which is the reason for this post, it is very vital for one to know what an employer sponsored work visa is. And in brief, this is a kind of work visa which is directly sponsored by an employer to his or her employer. An example is when one secures a job in a country say Australia, and the employer pays for the Visa plus any other requirement on the part of the employee. This means that as an employee, you pay nothing since your employer will process for you the VISA and give it to you. No more embassy explanations and so forth.

How to get an employer work sponsored VISA?

Truth be said, the internet has a lot of opportunities and resources like this where one can simply look at, read, understand, follow the instructions and guide in order to be able to achieve a goal or target. The same applies when it comes to getting a employer sponsored work visa to a county like US, Australia, Canada and many others. Besides the scam offers which many people have fallen victims of, there are thousands of resources which are legitimate.

In order to get started, you need to have certain questions in mind and which you need to find answers for in this regard. You should ask yourself questions like What do you want to do as in the kind of work? Who do you want to work with say a company, individual, organization or? Where do you want to work from as in the country, state or even district? What your salary expectations are and what kind of job you are looking out for?

Once you have all of the above, then you should begin your search. Whether you are from Uganda, Kenya and or Nigeria, you should know what you want and how you want it. You can search for keyword phrases like “Sponsored Employer Work Visa” followed by the country eg Canada and search. The results you get will show you a number of adverts, and potential employer websites who are ready and willing to sponsor you. You should then check out their guidelines, condition, terms, requirements and others. You will of course compare with what you want and see if you match.

Once you find a employer whom you would prefer to work for, the next things is to get their address and contact them directly. Their response and further exchanges will help you get to the next level. If for example you want to work in the United States, checking out the different resources on sites like, and others will help you out.

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