How To Become A Pebuu Agent In Uganda & Start Profiting

Pebuu Uganda

How to become a Pebuu agent guide. Pebuu is an “electronic depositing and bill payment solution provider” in Uganda. It is a Pan-African service provider with more than 200 agent locations and points in Uganda. Just like PayWay, Pebuu allows you do your transactions including airtime topup, bill payments like Yaka, Umeme and etc, and supports a range of payments.

Pebuu is here and anyone can make become a Pebuu agent in Uganda now and start earning instant profits right away. Operating through terminals, owning your own terminal and which you can easily pick up from their offices instantly is a way to allow you make guaranteed profits just like they themselves do it. Pebuu allows for everyday cash transactions with providers like MTN, Airtel, Smart Telecom, Uganda Telecom (Mango), Vodafone, Umeme, Africell, Smile, different credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Pebuucard and lots of other companies.

But the question is, how to become a PeBuu-agent in Uganda? This sounds one which many Ugandan who love making and earning that extra cash ask. And this is the reason for this post since by the time you end it, you would have known how to become a Pebuu agent, what you need as in requirements and how to get started with your agent work. Read how to become a Payway agent in Uganda

How to become a Pebuu agent in Uganda?

Become a Pebuu agent Sign up

In order to become a Pebuu Uganda agent, you need to follow the following procedures. These include the requirements you need and what to do. You can as well visit the Pebuu-Master agent sign up web portal here

Pebuu Agent requirements

You will need an Identity Card (National ID or Ndagamuntu), A Registered business Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation (Company), A Trading license, Operating Bank Account, A Workplace Tenant agreement, a Local Council Letter or Equivalent and up to 1.5 Million Uganda shillings for the Terminal.

Pebuu Agent Benefits

There are so many benefits you can enjoy as a Pebuu agent for example, attractive commissions, stable network which means steady transactions, single payment platform, easy cash flow management, free advertising, all time support, truly PanAfrican, and much more others. Once you have all of the requirements, you should take them to Pebuu offices and hand them in. You will walk away with your terminal and ready to make cash in addition to enjoying. You can alternatively reach Pebuu using their phone contacts, email contact or Uganda office in Kololo.

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