How To Hard Reset Sony Ericson LT18i

Sony Ericsson LT18i If you have forgotten the screen unlock pattern, pin or password for your Sony Ericsson LT18i, the end result is for you not being in position to continue using your device, and which can call for the process which is known as hard reset. Whether it’s all about misbehaving of your mobile in one way or another, this article is all you need.

In below, I have shared the working way to hard reset your Sony Ericsson LT18i mobile smartphone. Following the simple tutorial will save you the money you would have otherwise paid to the computer genius or technician since we know them as the only people who can do the flashing procedure.

But don’t worry, whether you forgot your screen unlocking pattern, password, pin or even your Google account, please follow the simple steps and procedures below to unlock your device.

How to soft reset (factory settings) Sony Ericsson LT18i

– Tap settings
– Scroll to Privacy
– Tap Settings Reset or Factory data Reset
– Tap Reset phone

Instantly, the phone will go through the soft reset process which will take some few minutes and it will reboot. That’s all, your mobile successfully reset

How to hard reset Sony Ericsson LT18i

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– Enter safe mode by turning off your phone.
– Press and hold Home key , menu, and power keys.
– Release power and keep hold the other keys when phone vibrates.
– Release other keys when phone boots
– Tap call emergency and key in *#*#7378423#*#*
– New menu will show up.
– Tap Customization settings
– Tap Reset Customization settings
– Tap on White link to confirm.

Your device will power off and restart. It may restart one than once in the process. Simply wait till it fully restarts. Bingo! Your Sony Ericsson LT18i android smartphone has been reset successfully.

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