How Do You Calculate Infolinks Earnings?

One of the best approaches to increase your Infolinks earnings is understanding how exactly they are calculated. This not only helps you achieve target goals, but also works as a guide which can improve your overal performance in the long run. If you have been wondering how exactly it works, this post will act as your guide for as long as you read it all.

When I joined Infolinks for the first time, I had a feeling that how it worked with other publishing companies was exactly how it worked here. As my stay continued, I realised that I was missing something – yes, something to do with boosting my earnings.

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Integrating Infolinks on your site

While Infolinks is a reputable service in the world of online advertising and publishing, fact is they have their own model in which they do things. Once submit in your site application (which is the very first step), and have it approved, the next step is intergrating their ads on your site which varies depending on the blogging platform, and or as per your choice.

Besides the standard Javascript tag which fits for all blogging platforms, you have an option to integrate WordPress using the plugin, Blogger using the widget, Drupal using the plugin and Joomla using their extension. With the different options above, it makes the entire process easy.

Types of Infolinks ads

Once your site is intergrated successfully on the Infolinks platform, you are ready to serve ads and also start earning. How much you earn is determined by several factors which incluide but not limited to, how you optimize your site. By site optimization, I am referring to the type of ads you serve.

You can choose between Intext ads, Infold ads, Intag ads, Inframe ads, and Inarticle ads or even use all of them at once. Each of the different type of ads above serves differently which means that you are able to make a choice depending on how your site visitors interract with your site.

Boosting your Infolinks ad revenue

Let me be honest on this. Whether it is Infolinks or any other provider including Google Adsense,, Propeller ads, etc, it all begins with quality content. Since content is king, the more quality content you have, the higher the traffic you get, and the higher your chances of earning more. To get started, you need to work on producing quality content which will attract high visits and so to your eCpm and an overall boost of the much you make.

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Calculating your earnings

According to their support page, the website visitors engagement is the base upon which revenue is calculated. If you are able to main a good user engagement with your content, you should mind about the much you make per click. Since they have a lot products, publishers are on a safe side to always maximise the much they make.

The referral program

I was missing much about this. This referral program allows publishers to earn up to 10% of their referral earnings for the next 12 months – call it a full year. Do you know how much money you can make with just it only? Join now using this link, grab your referral link, or choose from a wide range of available banners, place them on your site and start earning.

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