How To Add Custom MP3 Ringtone In Microsoft Lumia Mobile

Microsoft Windows Lumia Mobile Phone Whether you own a [[[Microsoft Lumia]]], Windows mobile, Nokia 535, 520, 540, 920, 1020, or any other version, this guide on how to add and use custom mp3 ringtones on your device is a must read. And if you have been wondering how to go about the entire process basing on how many of you out there refer to it as being complicated, count yourself as a lucky one having landed on this tutorial.

In order to add, set up and start using custom ringtones on any [[[Windows mobile]]], Microsoft Lumia or any Nokia model smartphone, all you need is to follow the simple guides and instructions as shared in this tutorial below. The entire process is very easy for as long as you have the following requirements below.

Requirements for using Custom MP3 Ringtones on Microsoft and Windows devices

1. A smartphone you want to add the ringtone to.
2. A PC [[[data connection cable]]].
3. A computer or laptop.
4. A song you want added on your PC.

Adding Custom MP3 ringtone on Nokia Lumia from PC

1. Power on your [[[smartphone]]] and connect it to the computer using the data cable.
2. Wait for the smartphone drivers to be installed automatically on your PC.
3. Once the Windows logo appears on your task bar, open my Computer.
4. Click on Nokia storage and browse all folders.
5. Select and open [[[Ringtone]]] folder, copy the MP3 file from its folder and paste it on the phone folder.

Setting up Custom MP3 ringtone on Windows Mobile

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1. Open your Microsfot mobile menu and select settings.
2. Open “Ringtone and sounds” and tap “Ringtone”.
3. Under custom tones, select the “[[[MP3]]]” you just added and it will be saved.

Now try to call your phone and you will be amazed how your “custom tone” will be the one ringing. This whole procedure is very simple and easy for as long as you follow what is right above as seen. You can also use the “[[[Rigtone maker app]]] and right away make your own tones. This app is available in the store.

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