How To Rate Amazon Prime Movies On Desktop

How to rate movies on Amazon prime fire TV

Amazon prime members enjoy much more than videos. As a member, you get access to more than 5000 movies, aired in the different languages of choice, thus allowing you to watch all of your favorite films including original series like “The marvelous mrs. maisel, the forgotten army”, etc.

Additionally, Amazon prime allows you to stay on top of the hotetst music featuring your favorite stars and artists, thus allowing you to enjoy more than you can imagine. You are also able to thousands of popular entertainment including TV shows, live events and much more.

Just like we know how ratings allow us easily find the best movies, films and etc as shared by others, it is important for you to know how you can also rate movies in order for others to know how you found them. If you didn’t know how others do it, below is how to rate movies on prime video. You can also learn more about Amazon business account here.

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Steps to rate Amazon prime movies on desktop

  • Visit “Amazon website” on a computer and “log in” using your credentials.
  • Scroll and click “Your prime video” under “accounts and lists”.
  • Search and open the “movie” you want to “review”
  • Click on “write your review” located on the corner.

That is all. You can now write your movie review and also leave your rating basing on how you saw it.

Note: Use this same guide to leave your reviews using a mobile or tablet including kindles.

Remember, you can only do that if you are eligible. By eligibility, I am referring to being a prime member, which you can even get started to using the free 30 day trial membership. As a member, you also get free one day flexible deliveries on a million of items including books, magazines, comics and etc.

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