How To Recover Any Accidentally Deleted Phone & PC File

Have you ever deleted a Computer or even a Phone file by accident and too went on to clear your Recycle Bin without knowing that some of the data you deleted were still required? Whether such a thing has ever happened to you or not, I guess you got to read this post since it will help you to discover how to go about your trashed data recovery in an event related to the above since in most cases, such a thing happens without ones knowledge for example when kids start your computer and end up deleting all files be music, videos, software, applications, documents and any others found in the nearest folders and others like on the desktop.

As you know me, I tend to share such things which I have tried myself other than basing on what others say since I love finding the truth so as to share it with others just like what is involved on this website as in articles. When I received an emergency phone call which was followed by an email from my Boss at work, the one thing which I forgot before I left home was turning off or even hibernating my computer, and which is something which sparked off my simple data recovery solution since I was badly in need of my files files which had been deleted by my kids the moment I had left home.

When I first found out that the files were missing, I thought that at least they had been sent to the Recycle Bin not until I found nothing for all the times I tried to check. I tried to call my IT friend so that I could see if he would help me but guess what, all of his phones were off, and something which made me think that I was “finished” although I was wrong. Withy my internet connection on, I started search for both the free and paid data recovery software not until I landed on a few sites where I finally got a software which helped me to recover up to 500MB of what had been deleted and therefore, happiness prompted me to share it with you so that you could take use of the what I found.

Whether you want to recover your deleted files from a computer and or a mobile phone, just count it done provided you follow the simple steps on each of the sites I am sharing with you below.

1. EaseUS Data Recovery – This is a free software and which allows you to recover up to 1 GB files completely free of charge. Whether your hard drive was damaged, Camera Card, you emptied your recycle bin, Memory Card, your formatted your HDD, USB drive, Memory Stick, Zip Disk, Floppy Drives, you partitioned your drive and any other which can lead to data loss on your Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7, you will be able to recover your data.  Additionally, you can get a mobile version of EaseUS Data Recovery which you can use to recover all data for example your iPhone smartphones, iPads and iPods Call History, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Videos, Reminders, Notes and others. Supported file systems include FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/NTFS5/EXT2/EXT3. All you need is to visit, download software and get started.

2. PC Recovery – For all lost folders, deleted files, corrupted files and any others which may need repair, you can try out this. You can visit PC Recovery by pointing your browser to

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3. Computer Data Recovery Software – This is no way different to all the above. You can visit to get started.

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