How To Set Up WiFi Wireless Internet On iPad / iPhone / iPod

How To Set Up 3G Mobile Internet On iPad / iPhone / iPod This tutorial is on how to configure your iPad, iPhone, iPod and any other Apple devices access WiFi wireless internet. The same post contains all step by step when it from enabling WiFi access in your Apple made smartphone or smart devices, so as to be able to access the globe with it. This is a post I am writing in response to a number of emails sent to me by my readers as a request to share the above set ups, just like I did for Androids and China made mobile devices.

Therefore, if you already own, and or planning to buy or acquire any of the Apple devices for example an iPhone, an iPad and or an iPod for your needs, then reading this post might help you discover how you can configure your Wi-Fi internet access, so as for your device to allows you access the world wide web, in additional to enjoying apps like Whatsapp, YouTube, Facebook, Messengers, free calling and so forth wirelessly.

Like we all know what the internet does once one is connected, I am very sure that you can tell what will happen once you know how to personally set up your iPod, iPhone or iPad WiFi connection and access. This means that you will be able to do it on your existing, or new device and instantly go on line as you wish. Below is how to go about configuring your Wi-Fi access on your apple device. Also read how to set up Mobile data on same apple devices.

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1. Power on your device, look out for the settings icon and click on it.
2. Tap on WiFi and set it on.
3. Choose your network from the list of available connections.
4. Enter the network’s encryption key if you’re prompted assuming its not free, and tap Join.

Return to home, tap on the Safari browser and instantly start accessing your preferred websites. You can too use the applications for example Whatsapp and start chatting. Please note that you will need active data or internet subscription, bundle in order to surf.

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