Hubpages Announces eBay Partner Program Retirement – No More Product Capsules On Hubs

According to the official email I received from eBay as a periodic update of my account summary, it was indicated that “eBay represents only .2% of the total income on HubPages and it simply does not cover the cost of the engineering time required to maintain it”. And for the above, Hubbers were informed of the partner program retirement come August 30th for the existing product capsules currently on the site, and with no option to add new ones as of now.

This development means that all of those who have been currently promoting eBay products using the available capsules and earning some good money off traffic sent to related products will no longer be able to earn money as a result. This is very to all hubbers who have been making that extra off selling eBay products, and good news to those who would prefer to stick to a few options eg Amazon, Adsense and the Ad program.

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Hubpages Retires eBay Partner Program Off Hubs

Personally, this development by Hubpages have no effect on me for reason being that I haven’t been using this program and nor do I have any capsules containing these products on my hubs. All I can say is that if its their decision basing on the fact that only .2% of the total is got by the service yet the cost of engineering is high, it is a better choice.

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