Retired ACP Sam Omara Lands Juicy Job as Deputy CEO of Arrow Security Services

Retired ACP Sam Omara being decorated

Following his retirement from the police force three years ago in 2020, ACP Sam Omara, the former Kampala North Police Operations Commander, who has been living an easy existence has a new post as the Deputy CEO of Arrow Security Services.

ACP Sam Omara, a heated retired senior law enforcement official who is most well-known for his commitment to the Buganda kingdom, and his part in placing a halt to Dr. Kizza Besigye‘s 2011 walk-to-work demonstrations, and now a retired assistant commissioner of police was presented by Capt. Mike Mukula, the chairman of Arrow Security Systems Limited, as the organization’s new deputy chief executive officer in charge of operations.

Sam Omala

He vowed to use his substantial expertise to assist the business in upholding peace and safeguarding Ugandans’ property.

Speaking at the firm’s offices in Luzira, Capt. Mukula added that many security officers leave their jobs while they are still capable of doing valuable work and need to be offered regular jobs so that they could be in the position of supporting themselves in order to withstand the temptations of getting involved in illegal activities.

Retired ACP Sam Omara

Omara’s experience in security, according to Mukula, was a contributing factor to the company’s decision to recruit him. He would introduce junior officers to numerous methods for ensuring peace as well as teach them how to be responsible when security personnel kill people with guns in the country as a whole.

Sam Omara former Kampala North Police Operations Commander

Afade Omala complimented Arrow Security Systems Limited management for their efforts in helping the police in maintaining law and order in the nation and promised to use his knowledge in security to help Arrow improve its system so that security is well maintained.

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