“Service Unavailable” Error Displaying On Webpages While Using Airtel Uganda Internet.. How Do You Get Rid Of It?

Service unavailable error Airtel Uganda Broadband
I have been experiencing, watching and following this error of “Service Unavailable” which displays on webpages every time I attempt to browse my favorite sites using Airtel Uganda internet. Yes, it all begun some weeks back and I thought it was a mobile browser error. But, it extended on computer every time I would access the web using my USB broadband modem, and on the different browsers just like you see the screen shot below.

What I am wondering is whether Airtel Uganda already knows about this “Service Unavailable” error and trying to have it fixed or they aren’t are yet. I tried calling their customer service center reporting this same issue and would be told that it will be okay and which hasn’t happened. As far as this is concerned, this error isn’t a browser, phone or PC error since it only appears when using Airtel internet only, with the remaining providers like Mango (UTL), MTN, Orange, Smile, Smart, Vodafone and etc having nothing like this.

Temporally fix and solution for “Service Unavailable”

Service unavailable error Airtel Uganda

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For you are among the many out there who is experiencing this (yes, I have tried many other SIM Cards and modems but all showing the same), this is what you can do to temporarily fix this problem as we wait for Airtel Uganda to tries its best to have everything back to normal.

All one need is simple, to Press F5 and reload the page which is displaying the above error. The sad thing is that you will have to reload your web page more than a number of times in order to have it working. I have been reloading statcounter page now 50 times and the same is still showing.. Dear Airtel Uganda, if you are reading this, know that something needs to be fixed and please, help us have things restored.

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