Solution For There Is An Issue With Blackberry World, Blackberry World Must Now Close Error

This tutorial is about how to solve the there is an issue with Blackberry World, Blackberry World must now close error, which is very common with BB smartphones on the application access and downloading side. Regardless of whatever device model you are using, this article will help you learn how to solve and have the problem fixed.

When my BB 8820 old model smartphone first shown the error above, I wondered what had gone wrong and not being a tech guy but that time, I was prompted to contact my service provider who restored my phone back to normal after a week on being offline.

The situation above is what happens to so many Blackberry users when out of blue and or suddenly, this “there is an issue with Blackberry World, Blackberry World must now close” error will pop up and thus making one stranded with nothing to do apart from doing the same way I did – contacting my provider.

Its for the above reasons as to why I am sharing with you some of the possible easy ways you can solve this common error on your BB device without a third party assistance. Below are the different alternative solutions for fixing “there is an issue with Blackberry World, Blackberry World must now close”.

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#1 – Begin by ensuring that you have an active and working internet connection. You can subscribe to an active data bundle and or get an active WiFi connection and retry again.

#2 – If the above fails, remove your BB battery and put it again. This will auto restart your device and if the error was simple, it will be cleared upon successful booting.

#3 – Using the Desktop manager application, connect your BB device on the computer and attempt to update your device. This will install a new version of the apps manager there by replacing the old corrupted and errored app manager.

#4 – For you can’t alternative number 3 above, then you will need to contact a software phone tech and or your service provider if your device still has the warranty.

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