[SOLVED] You are Offline; Spotify Android

Spotify - Enjoy unlimited musicSuddenly, Spotify is in Offline mode on Android; You are offline, Please connect to the internet and etc are the very many errors many Spotify users encounter from time to time on their Android and other OS devices. If you have been wondering what might have caused this and how you can go about solving the above error, this guide is for you.

Spotify is a music streaming service which allows both PC, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone,  Linux,  Windows Mobile and Chromebook users to listen to the right music, wherever they are.

You are able to Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode, play any song at any time, download music for offline listening, enjoy amazing sound quality and do much much more on your mobile, tablet, or your computer depending on your plan.

In such times when things turn the other way round for example starting to see this common Spotify is in Offline mode on Android; You are offline, Please connect to the internet and etc, that is when you need this guide. In below you learn how to fix and troubleshoot the above error instantly so you are back online.

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How to fix You are offline error on Android Spotify

1. Turn off your Internet connection and turn it on again. This will put you back online.

2. In case 1 above fails, try to log out of the Spotify app and log in again. You have 99% chances of coming back online.

3. In case 2 fails, then turn off your mobile or PC or Tablet and turn it on again.

Either of the three alternative you are offline error solutions for Spotify will put you back online and instantly.


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