Tired Of Spam Comments Bypassing Akismet? Here Is A Working Solution To Prevent/Fight Spammers Up To 99.99%

Spam comments are bad, they are irritating and they are useless since they contain and nor add no value. Akismet is a plugin which is known to be the spam comment killer right? But how about those comments which tend to bypass the filters and still land into your moderation queue. And yes, this is tiresome since you either end up trashing even those quality and non spam comments, and or to sacrifice your time so as to moderate and manual approve one by one comment.

In the past, many of my clients Websites and Blogs suffered from the same problem of spammers using ways which bypasses Akismet plugin when sending their mass spam comments, and a reason which forced me to keep testing other options and alternatives which can at least be combined with Akismet plugin in a bid to fight and completely get rid of spammers and their comments.

Yes, like many say that the “end justifies the means”, so far I am one happy web developer and manager ever since I found an additional plugin which when installed on your website or blog, you will permanently say bye bye to spammers, spam comments and whatever they do on your website. This means that you need not to worry of moderating thousands of spam comments and or trashing the valid ones for nothing simply because of your being tired.

In my research, trials and errors, I found this other plugin which falls in the social login category – and by the way, all plugins which enables and or activates the social login on your site can fight spammers and their comments up to 99% due to the fact that one has to use a real identity other than bots in order to post a comment on the social interface.

My solution of fighting spam comments using Social Login plugin together with Akismet

The first thing I did was to install the above plugin, activate it and make ensured that the Facebook, Twitter and other social profile logins and API’s were active. This means that in order for one to post a comment, he or she must be logged in and even without, there is a social powered capatcha which makes intruders like bots fail to do their spam work.o

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Secondly is to test the plugin on whether it works or not. All you need to do is to log out and log into your site again. You will see social buttons prompting to log in and which is a sign that the plugin has been activated.

The third thing, and in fact one you should do before all is to ensure that Akismet plugin is working and active on your site. Use the two plugins hand in hand and you will say bye bye to spammers and their comments on WordPress sites.

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