Uganda Forex Bureaus List With Live Currency Exchange Rates

While in Uganda from abroad is just the same when in another country from Uganda. A Forex Bureau is that one thing you any traveler will search for reason being to trade in his foreign currency for the local one. And that is what many tourists, visitors and travelers would do. Yes, Crane Forex Bureau Uganda by Crane bank limited is not the only one money exchange service in Uganda but rather, very many others like you may find out in the list do offer same services to all just like it does.

And in this post, I am sharing with you the List of some Forex Bureaus in Uganda including their location, telephone contacts, hours of operation, branches and others. This post too has a current live currency exchange app and tool which you can use to track how much you are likely to get inform of shillings from your foreign amount eg the US Dollar, the Euro and others for the Best rates around town or country.

List of Forex Bureaux in Uganda with contacts and addresses updated

“Crane Forex Bureau Ltd.
7/9 Nile Avenue 3673,Kampala

Lloyds Forex Bureau, Kampala
Plot 1 Entebbe Road.

Money point Forex bureau, kampala
Plot 35 Kampala Road.

Mercury Forex Bureau Ltd.
1 Pilkington Road Workers House 3195,Kampala

Lloyds Forex Bureau Ltd.
15 Luwum Street 6587,Kampala Kampala

Dahabshiil Forex Bureau Ltd.
52 Kampala Road King Fahd Plaza 34403,Kampala

Jasco Forex Bureau Ltd.
43/47 Nakivubo Road Nana Centre Building 3236,Kampala
031-2294505, 039-2945303

Supreme Forex Bureau Ltd.
4 Pilkington Road Colline House Shopping Mall Kampala

Ssemanda Forex Bureau Ltd.
7 Nakivubo Lane 1152,Kampala

Already Forex Bureau Ltd.
11/5 Luwum Street 9917,Kampala

Matrix Forex Bureau Ltd.
2 Entebbe Road Eagen House 28329,Kampala

Trend Forex Bureau Ltd.
32/33 Main Street 1545,Kampala
043-4121081, 077-4033375

Kristal Forex Bureau Ltd.
2/2B Kampala Road 3877,Kampala

Jet Set Forex Bureau Ltd.
Entebbe International Airport 8841,Kampala

Crane Forex Bureau Ltd.
20 Kampala Road 3673,Kampala

Friends Forex Bureau Ltd.
Mabirizi Complex Kampala

Advanta Forex Bureau Ltd.
1 Dewinton Road 7863,kampala
071-2362309, 031-2261204

Monex Forex Bureau Ltd.
48 Kampala Road 24532,Kampala

Daker Forex Bureau Ltd.
16/18 Duster Street 3577,Kampala

Buddu Forex Bureau Ltd.
22A William Street Gazaland Plaza 23442,Kampala

UAE Exchange Ltd.
29/33 Kampala Road Amber House Kampala
031-2265010, 077-2207000

Lloyds Forex Bureau Ltd.
1 Entebbe Road 6587,Kampala
041-4343448, 041-4348561, 077-2402830

MoneyLand Forex Bureau Ltd.
12 Luwum Street City Centre Complex 5972,Kampala

Shumuk Forex Bureau Ltd.(Imperial Royale Hotel)
7 Kintu Road Imperial Royal Hotel 6552,Kampala

Lloyds Forex Bureau Ltd.
43/44 Nabugabo Road 6587,Kampala

Jaffery Forex Bureau
56 Ben Kiwanuka Street Capital House 3707,Kampala
041-4347090/1, 031-2370937

Divine Cash Forex Bureau Ltd.
48 Kampala Road Kalungi Commercial Plaza 29187,Kampala
075-2937175, 077-3374416, 077-2447429

Metropolitan Forex Bureau Ltd.
8 to 10 Entebbe Road Metropole House 8166,Kampala
041-4232620, 041-4232773, 041-4242443

Dahabshiil Forex Bureau Ltd.
3 Transport Road 7689,Arua

Honest Forex Bureau Ltd.
3 Luwum Street Rio Insurance Building 33913,Kampala
031-4280278, 077-2492867

Shumuk Forex Bureau Ltd.(Arua Branch)
5 Arua Street 6552,Kampala

Cashmart Forex Bureau Ltd.
17 Hannington Road Crested Towers 2878,Kampala

Metropolitan Forex Bureau Ltd. (Cham Tower Branch)
Nkrumah Road Cham Towers Kampala
041-4578388, 041-4237842

J. Supi Forex Bureau Ltd.
47 Kampala Road Mabirizi Complex 27976,Kampala

Redfox Forex Bureau Ltd.
54 Kampala Road 2397,Kampala
041-4250954, 041-4250955

Tick Forex Bureau Ltd.
17 Market Street Central Plaza Shop D.73 132,Kampala
041-4251929, 077-2570017

S & A Forex Bureau Ltd.
Ben Kiwanuka Street Mukwano Arcade 22766,Kampala
041-4507126, 077-2420840

Bicco Forex Bureau Ltd.
1 Colville Street 3307,Kampala

Entebbe Forex Bureau Ltd.
1B Kitoro Road 239,Entebbe

Money Point Forex Bureau Ltd.
35 Kampala Road General Post Office Building 1809,Kampala

Best Buy Forex Bureau Ltd.
43/47 Nabugabo Road Premier Arcade 609,Kampala

Prime Ltd.
17 Market Street Central Plaza 28401,Kampala

Vaya Forex Bureau Ltd.
48 Kampala Road Kalungi Commercial Plaza 29498,Kampala

Simba Forex Bureau Ltd
50 Kampala Road 9421,Kampala

Fair Price Forex Bureau Ltd.
82 Ben Kiwanuka Street 3011,Kampala

Dollar House Forex Bureau Ltd.
52 Kampala Road King Fahad Plaza 23404,Kampala

Combined Forex Bureau Ltd.
6 Entebbe Road Kamu Kamu Plaza, Suite GF16 10494,Kampala
041-4349849, 078-2861406

Hydery Forex Bureau Ltd.
8/2 Johnstone Street Jaffer Building 3707,Kampala
041-4233984, 041-4233277

Victoria Forex Bureau Ltd.
16/18 Luwum Street 9100,Kampala

Odaa Forex Bureau Ltd.
27 William Street 31612,Kampala
077-2304444, 078-2667732

Civic Forex Bureau Ltd.
1 Johnstone Street Kalungi Commercial Plaza 31472,Kampala

Peniel Forex Bureau Ltd.
34 Luwum/Burton Street Yamaha Building 5987,Kampala

J. Supi Forex Bureau Ltd.
74 Bombo Road 27976,Kampala

Shumuk Forex Bureau Ltd.(Pioneer Mall)
2 Johnstone Street Pioneer Mall 6552,Kampala

Biashara Forex Bureau Ltd.
12 Johnstone Street 3011,Kampala
041-4251521, 041-4342009

Hydery Forex Bureau Ltd.
48/50 Ben Kiwanuka Street 3707,Kampala

Express Forex Bureau Ltd.
50 & 54 Kampala Road 1946,Kampala
041-4234684, 041-4233451

Shumuk Forex Bureau Ltd.(Imperial Branch)
6 Nile Avenue Grand Imperial Hotel (Entrance) 6552,Kampala

Shila Forex Bureau Ltd.
17 Ben Kiwanuka Street People’s Plaza Shop 51 1038,Kampala
071-2427080, 071-2420123

Royal Cash Point Forex Bureau Ltd.
16A Market Street Royal Complex Building 3644,Kampala

Hare Krishna Forex Bureau Ltd.
15 Nabugabo Road 34114,Kampala
041-4340583, 077-2387994

Midland Forex Bureau Ltd.
30 Ben Kiwanuka Street 24584,Kampala

Stanhope Forex Bureau
8/10 Kampala Road Uganda House 24559,Kampala
041-4347297/8, 041-4346823

HJS Forex Bureau Ltd.
7 Burton Street Mutasa Kafero Plaza 22213,Kampala
041-4507086, 077-2503456

Omni Forex Bureau Ltd.
22 William Street Majestic Plaza L4 – 3 20041,Kampala

Fin Finee Forex Bureau Ltd.
17B Apollo House 6106,Kampala

City Forex Bureau Ltd.
22 Luwum Street Mukwano Shopping Arcade 3841,Kampala

Prime Forex Bureau Ltd.
6/6A Orient Plaza 28401,Kampala

City Bureau De Change Ltd.
4 Parliament Avenue Parliament Building 23113,Kampala

Access Forex Bureau Ltd.
1744 Muyenga Road Kabalagala P.O Box 27632,Kampala

Combined Forex Bureau Ltd.
4 Kimathi Avenue 10494,Kampala

Transcash Forex Bureau Ltd.
16 Market Street Energy Centre Building 27288,Kampala

MB Forex Bureau Ltd.
8/10 Kampala Road 7258,Kampala

Wall Street Way Forex Bureau
48 Johnson Street Kalungi Plaza 5359,Kampala

CFC Forex Bureau Ltd.
4 Pilkington Road 21091,Kampala
041-4345200, 041-4345205

Speed Bird Forex Bureau Ltd.
Ternan Avenue Sheraton Hotel Shoping Arcade, Shop 7507,Kampala
041-4254521, 041-4344490

Jet Set Forex Bureau Ltd
3 Kimathi Avenue 8841,Kampala
041-4237608, 041-4237704

Highland Hotel Forex Bureau Ltd.
1 Kazooba Road0 Kabale 95,Kabale
0486-423741, 077-2409510

Rolltex International Forex Bureau Ltd.
12 Luwum Street City Centre Complex 5972,Kampala

Hotel Africana Forex Bureau Ltd.2 – 4 Wampewo Avenue 10218,Kampala
041-4348080, 041-4344626

Westlink Forex Bureau Ltd.
22 Luwum Street Mukwano Shopping Arcade 34000,Kampala
077-2422900, 077-2420757

Umoja Forex Bureau Ltd.
Market Street Energy Centre Building 10279,Kampala

Karibu Forex Bureau Ltd.
Namirembe Road Mukwano Arcade Shop No. C/G/10 3673,Kampala

Downtown Forex Bureau Ltd.
54/5 Kampala Road 2801,Kampala
041-4341902, 041-4232457

Hydery Forex Bureau Ltd.
32 William Street 3707,Kampala

Norfrax Forex Bureau Ltd.
Entebbe International Airport Passenger Terminal B 5050,Kampala
077-2228690, 041-4353000

La-Cedri Breau De Change Ltd.
616A Nile Avenue Grand Imperial Hotel 6723,Kampala
077-2500071, 041-4253720

Half East Forex Bureau Ltd.
889 Mwanga II Road 30480,Kampala
041-4271243, 077-2427868

Reliance Forex Bureau Ltd.
17 Johnstone Street People’s Plaza 22647,Kampala

Hotel Africana Forex Bureau Ltd.
16/18 William Street Kalungi Plaza 10218,Kampala
041-4254115, 075-2647648

Stanhope Forex Bureau
18 Nakivubo Road 7846,Kampala

Queen Forex Bureau Ltd.
52 Kampala Road King Fahad Plaza 1599,Kampala

Comdel Forex Boreau Ltd.
Entebbe Road Kamu Kamu Plaza Shop GF21 31081,Kampala

Novo Forex Bureau Ltd.
3/5 Bazaar Street 459,Tororo
045-4448000, 045-4445070

Dual For Forex Bureau Ex Bureau Ltd.
22 William Street Majestic Plaza 12387,Kampala
041-4232926, 077-2649396

Demo Forex Bureau Ltd.
19 Lugard Road 331,Fort Portal

P.M Forex Bureau Ltd.
14 Rashid Khamis Road Old Kampala 1765,Kampala

Forex Bureau 2000 Ltd.
2 Mackay Road 9823,Kampala Kampala

CFC Forex Bureau Ltd. (Branch)
30 Luwum Street Avemar Shopping Centre 21091,Kampala
041-4340356, 041-4343753

Yamama Forex Bureau Ltd.
7 Luwum Street Jaffery Kibirige Building 30480,Kampala

Mid-West Forest Bureau Ltd.
76 Ben Kiwanuka Street 30480,Kampala

Walk-in Forex Bureau Ltd.
22 Burton Street 27685,Kampala

Amal Forex Bureau Ltd.
12 Musajja Alumbwa Road Mengo – Kisenyi 2680,Kampala
071-2409697, 077-3214449

Gold Finger Forex Bureau Ltd.
3 Kimathi Avenue Pan African Insurance House 23788,Kampala

Arrow Forex Bureau Ltd.
6 Bombo Road 7353,Kampala

Klyn-Cash Forex Bureau Ltd.
7 Sikh Road Mukwano Shopping Centre 26076,Kampala

Cash Money Forex Bureau Ltd.
3 Wilson Road Sunset Arcade Shop No. 3 2879,Kampala

Shalom Forex Bureaud Ltd.
11 Portal Avenue 22109,Kampala

Sun Forex Bureau Ltd.
29/33 Kampala Road Amber House Kampala

Metropolitan Forex Bureau Ltd. (Garden City Branch)
Yusuf Lule Road Garden City Shopping Mall 8166,Kampala
041-4252006, 031-2262111

Crown Forex Bureau Ltd.
1 Entebbe Road Clanson Building 12047,Kampala

ky Forex Bureau Ltd.
12 Johnstone Street 1595,Kampala

Spring Forex Bureau Ltd.
13 Kimathi Avenue Impala House 8066,Kampala

UAE Exchange Ltd.
17 Jinja Road Lugogo Shoprite Mall Kampala
031-2265010/11/12, 031-2265013″

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