VINA OEM/ODM MS-361 Silicon Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

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The best portable Bluetooth speaker is one which is one ready to offer you quality super sounds. Additionally, it must be designed fit for your requirements, support multiple devices, has a long lasting battery, easy to use and most of all durable. If you are wondering what could be the one of the best to offer you all of the above, then you should read this review about VINA OEM/ODM MS-361 Silicon Bluetooth Speakers.

Branded as OEM/ODM and manufactured by VINA, the MS-361 Silicon [[[portable Bluetooth]]] Speakers is one of the best devices on the market which any have found great. I have compiled for you details about this product including specifications, features, how it works and more just for you to know what you should.

This VINA OEM/ODM MS-361 Portable Bluetooth [[[Silicon Speaker]]] boosts to be one to offer devices which have a built-in rechargeable battery which can go for up 5 hours of playback, which is considered to the highest power saving rate when compared with other similar devices. This alone means that one can enjoy an unlimited number of songs / music through this device depending on what one is doing say relaxing after a long day work. Lets take a look at the different features and what you expect.

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VINA OEM/ODM MS-361 Portable Bluetooth Silicon Speaker features


– Super bass output
– 3.5mm Jack Cable and power connectors
– Bluetooth on and off switch
– Blue lights power indicators
– Available in different colors
– Micro USB charging support
– 2600mAh Lithium battery
– 4.2 BT version
– Last connection auto connect
– Play, reduce volume increase volume keys
– Multi device connections
– Supports mobile phones, iPads, computers, consoles etc
– Option to wired
– Up to 5 hours of playback
– Portable
– Suitable for outdoor
– ABS + Silicone housing

When you look at the different features as seen above, you will realize that indeed the MS-361 Portable [[[Bluetooth speaker]]] has many of the “wanted” specs. This is enough to tell that it can be used as needed for as long as the claimed durability is as said. This device can be found on leading stores including amazon, eBay, Alibaba and many more at lower prices.

VINA OEM/ODM MS-361 Silicon Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

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