Where Did Everybody Go? A Book About Staying At Home

We are living in extraordinary times which requires guidance and talking to people around us more especially children about the current Covid-19 virus. With thousands of questions being asked by our children as to why we are staying home, knowing what to answer and how to answer such questions is one to make them understand.

This very book by Iain S. Thomas, titled “Where Did Everybody Go?: A book about staying at home” talks about many things including why we’re staying inside, what we can do – like washing our hands, and the fact this isn’t forever, and hope.

This book is an informal, inspiring, and beautiful artwork that will make you smile once again. It gives us hope and recommends ways we can adapt as the world continues to battle the killer Coronavirus.

If you want to be a step ahead, taking a look at this book might help you learn and understand not only how to answer certain questions but also how to survive.

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