You Have Exceeded The Maximum Number Of PIN Attempts

When using a bank automated teller machine, every time you enter a wrong PIN count. And once you exceed the number of tries as allowed by your financial provider, the system will trigger a notification alerting you of that. The result is either blocking the card or capturing it. If you have found yourself in such a situation, this article is for you.

Depending on the end result, be card capture or block, you should know that this isn’t the end of it all. There are ways which when followed can help you solve the “You have exceeded the maximum number of pin attempts”,  similar to how one can recover an MTN mobile money pin, and regain access to your money, then being locked outside your funds

As a security measure, financial providers have reasons why such happens. One of the reasons why this happens in many cases is the prevention of unauthorized ATM usage by anyone else besides the owner.

4 Ways To Fix Exceeded PIN Try Attempts

The available ways are determined by your bank, depending on a number of reasons. Giving an example of one of my Bankers, once the above error happens, as a must one has to visit any of the bank branches and provide personal identification documents in order to have a PIN recovery.

On the other hand, my other banker simply needs a call away to fix the problem as long as one is able to identify themselves by way of providing personal information as may be required. The last time I had the same problem, I was asked to provide my account branch, date of birth, bank account number, and where the problem happened from, after which you are ready to enjoy your online earnings on your account.

Haafithu, on the other hand, shared with me that using his Bank app installed on his phone, or by dialing the bank’s mobile USSD code, he can be able to unlock blocked cards and also set new pin codes.

In cases where the ATM card has been captured, the only way to solve this is also visiting your bank branch in order to pick up your held card and also to have it unblocked. In such a situation, you must carry with your original identification documents.

As I shared above, the issuing bank or financial service may have its own set of rules. It is recommended you inquire from your issuer in order to know what next and how to solve the “You have exceeded the maximum number of pin attempts” error.

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