How To Alter / Change Motor Vehicle Particulars With URA

URA Motor Vehicle Particulars Alteration Process This guide is on how perform an alteration / change of motor vehicle registered details / particulars with Uganda Revenue Authority. If by any chance you would want to go about the process of changing any of the vehicle registered details which is allowed by URA, then all you need is to follow the following below procedures.

Applying for the alteration of the URA motor vehicle registered particulars can be brought about by many factors including for example cases where you bought a vehicle and the logbook reading particulars aren’t matching the one;s in the vehicle eg the engine number. Other cases can be change of body description from pick up to van, color and etc. Regardless of whatever the case may be, this article will take you through it all.

List of particulars Motor vehicle that can be changed / altered by URA

– Description of the body
– Colour
– Attachments
– Fuel
– Power (cubic capacity)
– Net Weight (in Kgs)
– Gross Weight (Laden)(in Kgs)
– Size of tyres
– Number of wheels
– Number of axles
– Seating Capacity
– Purpose / Function
– Category of Ownership
– Tax Category and Classification of Vehicle
– Insurance Company
– Insurance * Policy / Cover Note No.
– Engine Number

Requirements for successful vehicle motor vehicle particulars alteration

– Proof of ownership
– Packing list / Court order
– Inspection receipt
– Alteration payment proof
– Any other required document

Steps of processing URA motor vehicle details alteration

Perform a Motor vehicle inspection – Begin by visiting any nearest URA branch office and get an assessment for motor vehicle inspection. Pay the required monies in the selected bank and get a payment receipt. Now take your motor vehicle to URA together with the inspection payment receipt and see an Inspector. The URA inspector will inspect your vehicle and give you the inspection receipt with every detail to alter or change in case there is.

Compile all Documents required – Now that you know what is supposed to be altered, you need to make sure that every requirements is available. If it is an engine number mismatch for example, you will need to alter the engine. And this will require you to avail the engine packing list and or a court order (affidavit).

Process the Alteration application – Once everything is available, now it is time to start the process and in your URA TIN account on their portal. Please follow the following procedures below.

– Log into your TIN number using your account credentials.
– Navigate to Motor Vehicle Registration and click on Applications.
– From the drop down list, select New form under Select Form Type.
– Select Alteration to registered particulars under Purpose of application.
– Enter the Motor Vehicle registration number and select the application processing location.
– Check box next to Alter Vehicle Details and wait for the list to come up.
– Select all which applies to your alternation eg – Description of the body, Colour, Attachment, Fuel, Engine Number and any other and hit next.
– On the next page, fill in the alteration particulars you chose eg Color, Engine number, body description and etc.
– On the attachment page, chose which ever is applicable or what you got ie inspection receipt, packing list and etc.
– Click next and you will be take to payment registration page. Click on Register a payment and wait for it t load.
– Fill and select all required details and ht submit.

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Print the application and submit to URA selected office – Now that you have processed the application, you should print the forms and attach all you selected and then submit to the selected processing location during form filling.

You will be told what to do next and when to wait for your application approval or rejection depending on any reason they give, and which can take about 3 days and more or even immediate if the person handling your application is available during the time of submission (not sure deal).

Upon approval, you will be sent a notification in your email alerting you of the above and you will be able to collect your new updated logbook from any Uganda Revenue Authority branch office or even print it from your TIN by yourself or your agent. Just in case you are stranded, you can give me a call on 0752009001 for professional help.

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